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I Am Buried Here

I am buried here.

Cars drive by but they don’t know.

Children play around me but they don’t know.

Sometimes people stand on top of me but they don’t know.

I am buried here.

I used to belong to someone.

I used to have value.

How did I get here?

I am buried here.

Why isn’t someone looking for me?

Why doesn’t someone find me?

Am I not worth digging up?

I am buried here.

Maybe I should stay here.

Once I was shiny and new.

Now I am tarnished and old.

I am buried here.

I fell but no one noticed.

I am lost but no one cares.

After all….I am just a penny.

35 thoughts on “I Am Buried Here

    • LOL. I woke up thinking about finding my sons’ cars buried out in the yard. I remember how attached he was to them but he buried them and forgot about them. When I showed them to him, he smiled and said he remembered them….so the idea was born….”I’m buried here.” LOL

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  1. Ho hub calls me a magpie. I stop to pick up spare money on the ground all the time and no one ever sees it. Even pennies because 100 is a dollar, and I have been that poor in my life that one dollar can make that difference. This is beautiful and haunting. Love you momma and you’re way more than a penny to me


    • I always picked up money and grew up knowing the phrase “pennies make dollars.” I remember Loser asking me if he could “borrow” a dollar and I had to scrounge around and count out 100 pennies and take them to the 7-11. I was too embarrassed to tell him I didn’t have a dollar.
      I had a huge glass jug that I kept all my “found money” in. At the end of the year, sometimes I had over a hundred dollars! My son started stealing it and before long….it was empty.
      I still pick up money, even pennies that are tails up. Hey, it’s still money! LOL

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  2. Wonderful …..if we really look at and to and for someone, we can often find a treasure. It is those who don’t see us or care to see us as we are and In all our worth that will never find gem we are. Sometimes, we cannot even see it in ourselves.


    • True but it really wasn’t so much about me….I woke up thinking about finding my sons’ matchbox cars buried in the yard. I didn’t know they were there. They were so special to him at one time. They were shiny and new. When I found them, they were rusted and old and he had forgotten they were there. They had lost their value. Maybe, in my sub-conscious I transposed them into myself.


  3. I can tell you wjhere you went wrong. :”I used to belong to somebody. I used to have value.” You can never measure your own self worth (or value) by someone else. If Loser was an idiot, that was his problem. His actions do not devalue you in any way. You need to get out of this mindset if you hope to recover from his stupidity. Beautifull written metaphor. Happy to read your poetry. I have always said you have an extraordinary talent for writing and humor. But remember this, you are not a penny. You must be a quarter.

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