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The Seven Day Challenge

7-day-challenge1I was nominated to do the 7 day/7 photo challenge by makingtimeforme.  This wonderful blogger has won multiple awards and each one is richly deserved.  If you haven’t already checked out her blog, please do.  She writes about a variety of things, and includes everybody in her posts.  She is a mom and a prolific writer but still finds the time to be a valued supporter of her many followers.

That being said and the challenge being accepted, I must disappoint.  I have no pictures that I can use for the challenge.  There was never a “family” picture taken which involved me, my children and Loser.  There are many “family” photos on my childrens’ and Losers’ Facebook pages but none of them include me.  They include the drunken grandmother and the WTC which is how it should be because they are now “the family.”

But that is okay.  If I had pictures of all the wonderful blogging friends I have who I now consider my family, I would be blessed beyond riches.

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