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Ripley…Believe It Or Not

This is my new kitten. Her name is Ripley.

I know she looks much like an alien, hence the name Ripley, after the heroine on Alien.

She is a Cornish Rex. They have only been around since 1950, when a barn cat in Cornwall, England, delivered a litter, containing a strange looking male offspring with huge ears. It is a natural mutation…I’m sure from some wayward alien species, who was catting around, looking for some strange.

The owners decided not to kill him, so they kept him around until he got old enough to mate with his mother. (Sounds like the kin-folk of a few people I used to know.) They eventually made it over here to the good old USA and there are strict rules when it comes to Cornishes. They are all pure bred and if you decided you no longer want your kitten, you must return it to the breeder. They are only in-door cats, and feline leukemia has been successfully bred out of them.

They are hard to come by. If you can find a new litter, the waiting list is sometimes more than two years, and mothers usually only have two to three kittens. When I found mine (in Florida) she was one of six.

Anyway, they are very smart little creatures. She was playing fetch with me after I had only had her for five days.

Cornish Rexs’ don’t have fur. They have what is called a “down coat.” It is very wavy and feels like velvet when you stroke her back. Her whiskers are curly…like they were singed or something.

They love to be up high, and as I type this, she is sitting on my shoulder. This love of being high (in a purely legal sense) can and has caused more than a few harsh words from mama.

They are fiercely loyal to their owners and if I leave the room, she starts calling for me.

Anyway….ain’t she just as cute as she can be?

Oh…and shout out to Brian Lageose…I think I figured it out. Just cut and paste…right?

15 thoughts on “Ripley…Believe It Or Not

  1. Ridley is beautiful! I love those ears! I would love to have a rag doll . Bit too expensive
    for me. Even if you go thru a rescue, most are put up for adoption by breeders. Same rules apply that if you can’t keep the cat, it gets returned to breeder/owner. She brine I know had been finding homes for her 3. One is placed and due to circumstances, the owner is helping the friend she placed one cat with on vets bills. Not sure if she found homes for her 2 3yr old males yet. I only have my one kitty Bubba. Someone dumped him inside my fenced yard when he was barely weened. He’s definitely a Mama’s boy. I tell people he’s a compact model since at 5 yrs old, he’s not even half the size of my kitties than found him in the middle of the night . Forgive my rambling. It’s 4am and I can’t sleep

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          • Same kitty. Have 2 feral brothers that are coming almost daily. They are big boys. One is petted and the other is gray, black and white. I can tell both have been injured before and last night the tri color one has a new injury all across his neck. Can’t touch him . I think they were left on the block when someone I never knew moved.

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  2. Aww, Ripley is a cutie in her special way. (But aren’t we all?) I’m very curious about the velvety texture…

    And yes, the Block Editor is essentially cut and paste. Just make sure to pick the right “type” of block (image, paragraph, world-domination plan, etc) and just shove in whatever you want. It generally works. I’m still not a fan, but it will have to do… 😉

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    • Um…I “copied and pasted” the pictures of Ripley, but I saw nothing about editing them or that other stuff you mention. What the hell? I’m not sure I even know what “block” means. I know that every time I type a paragraph, a box surrounds it. I try to ignore it.
      Now…you’re pulling my scrawny little leg with the “world-domination plan”, right?

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    • Thanks! I had never heard of them. I wanted a kitten but I didn’t want to deal with the hair all over the place. I knew about the Sphinx but supposedly they leave oily spots where they sit. I think the Cornishes are just as cute as they can be. 🙂

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