A Day In My Life

I had to go get gas the other day.  I pulled up to the pump and opened the passenger door to get my credit card.  Somehow, I clipped my nose when I opened the door.

Now, I’m not like the infamous “flat-nose Curry” but I also don’t need a wheel barrow to carry my proboscis.  I thought one of those little black mosquitoes had landed on my nose, so I swatted it away.  I started pumping my gas and there was that little bugger again!  I kept swatting it away and it kept coming right back.

I looked down at my hand and it was covered with blood.  That little black mosquito turned out to be drops of vampire food.
OH, MY GOD.  I WAS HEMORRHAGING!  I got out a tissue and held it on my nose while I finished pumping.

When I got in my car, I immediately dropped my keys into that bottomless pit beside the seat and the console.  My car doesn’t need the key to start but I wanted to try to fish them out.  I have a pretty slender hand and it slipped into the crevice with ease but all I could feel was something sharp.

After a few attempts, I gave up and decided I’d find them later.  I pulled out my hand and it was covered with blood.  OH, MY GOD.  I WAS HEMORRHAGING!  It looked like I had lost a fight with a very large saber-toothed tiger.

I made it back home and decided I needed a boost….you know…my only sustenance….a bottle of Boost.  I always drink it with a straw, and after I opened it, I immediately caught the straw with my hand and knocked it over.  The Boost spilled all over the floor.  OH, MY GOD.  I WAS HEMORRHAGING BOOST!  There was Boost everywhere.  You can’t just wipe it up.  You have to clean it up with soap and water or it will be sticky.

I survived the day of trials and tribulations and went to bed.  I woke up about five or so, after having dreamed that somebody asked me if I knew that I had trees growing in my eyes.  Although I had dreamed in first person, I knew exactly what they meant and I could visualize them.  The “trees” looked like the flowery heads of broccoli.  I remember the concerned look on their face but I refused to take them seriously.

Lessons to be learned:

1.  Have your credit card in your hand when you get out of your car.

2.  Keep your keys in your purse or your pocket.

3.  When you drink something, don’t use a straw.

4.  Plant your trees.  Don’t stick them in your eyes.

Another Leibster Award

bigger crown leibster

A big thank you to Robert Matthew Goldstein for this nomination!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Display the award.
  3. Answer the 10 questions asked about you.
  4. Ask 10 questions from your nominees.
  5. Nominate up to 10 people for the award.
  6. Notify them via social media or a comment on their post.


  1. What do you like most about your blog?
    I like the many friends and support that I have acquired as a result of my blog.
  2. What was your favorite toy as a child?
    Granny gave me a Panda bear.  She kept it at her house, in a plastic bag.  She would only let me play with it now and then.  When I bought my mamas’ house, I found it in the attic.  I took it and I still have it.
  3. If you could change one bad thing about the world, what would it be?
  4. Which historical person inspires you the most?
  5. Who is your favorite author?
    I don’t have one because I don’t read books.
  6. Who is the most positive person in your life?
    There are many and they are equally as positive.
  7. Have you ever met a pathological narcissist?
    Yes, I married one and subsequently became exposed to a family of them.
  8. Is it ever right to lie?
  9. You are out with a co-worker for lunch and she begins to abuse the waitress.  How would you react?
    I would ask her to picture herself, her mama, her sister or her daughter.  We all make mistakes.
  10. If you could change one aspect of U. S. politics, what would it be?
    I would make it a political government of the people, by the people and for the people…the way it was supposed to be.


  1. What is your earliest memory and how old were you?
  2. If you could magically acquire one talent that you don’t have, what would it be?
  3. What five things would you put into a time capsule
  4. Where did you get your name?
  5. What would you like to have put on your tombstone?
  6. If you could witness any event in history, which one would it be?
  7. Are you usually late, early or on time?
  8. Beatles or Rolling Stones?
  9. What was the worst present you ever got?
  10. Have you ever met anybody famous?


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