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“Tie”-dal Waves

I thought this looked like waves.  Ironic, since I despise the ocean or any other body of water.  At a distance though, someone said it looks like a shamrock.

There are 256 different ties in this quilt.


11 thoughts on ““Tie”-dal Waves

    • Thank you. I came up with the idea when I was given a box of old ties. They meant something to the person who gave them to me, so I decided to make a quilt with them. I had never seen one, nor had I made one, but even with the ugliest ties you can possibly imagine, and some of the most beautiful…I think together…they were beautiful. Thank you for the comment.


  1. Hi Laurel, is there really no end to your talents? Writing short stories and telling tall tales mixed in with making quilts and keeping in touch with people who are lucky enough to find you. Making people happy is always a gift and you do it with ease. That quilt reminds me more of a crop circle than a tie-dal wave but you still put a smile on my face in these worrying times when the world seems intent on going to Hell in a handbasket with the definition of speed at the forefront.

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    • It’s funny that you mention crop circles. I have several pictures of them and had thought of making quilts that replicate them. It would be a challenge but worth it…unless the photos are copyrighted. Of course, unless I was selling them, I think it would be okay to make one for my own personal pleasure. 🙂

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      • I’m sure that would be ok. It used to be legal to share music with someone even if they made a copy as long as they didn’t try to sell it. Now with the advent of the internet people sell music files to many people and charge them a small fee to get it. While I don’t begrudge people making money this isn’t legal and should be clamped down on. Crop circles were amazing and such a clever hoax of alien visitors, I don’t think anyone minds if the pictures are shared as long as the person who took the picture is credited with it in some way. ❤


        • I used to make quilts for people…I’d put their entire life in fabric, but when it came to copyrighted things like school logos, I used them, knowing the quilts were not being sold for profit. (I think it would be quite clear that Duke or Harvard symbols are copyrighted.) I loved making them. I’ve often thought that I should make one of my life, but man…it might have some dirty words on it. LOLOL

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