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Extended Car Warranty Call

For the last several months, almost daily, I’ve been getting those “car warranty expiration” scam calls.  Sometimes, I just let them leave a partial message…”press 2 if you wish to be removed from our calling list.”  Sure.  That works…NEVER.

I’ve played with them before.  When they ask the make and model of my car, I tell them that if they know the warranty is expiring, they should know the make and model of my car.  This pisses them off and they hang up.

The other day, I got “the call.”  I was feeling a bit playful, so here’s how the conversation went.


Caller:  What is the make and model of your car?

Me: (In my very best proper British accent).  Hello.  Are you there?

Caller:  Yes, I’m here.  What is the make and model of your car?

Me:  Hello.  Can you hear me?

Caller:  Yes, I can hear you.

Me:  Oh, good, good, good, good, good.  Now tell me, dear.  What is the model number of the item you wish to purchase?

Caller:  Um…what?

Me:  What is the model number of the item you wish to purchase?  You should see the model number next to the item.

Caller:  What are you selling?

Me:  Dildos, dear.  Which particular one will be tickling your fancy?

Caller:  Silence

Me:  Hello.  Are you there?



9 thoughts on “Extended Car Warranty Call

  1. That is just beautiful, I remember a cold call coming through trying to sell me double glazing, and I just said “I told you not to call me for another 6 months, wait until the heat dies down and remember I know where the body is buried and can dig it up and leave it in the trunk of your car if you call me again!” then I hung up.

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    • I get those stupid calls all the time. It’s actually illegal and you can collect a tidy sum for each unsolicited call, but they spoof numbers, so they can’t be traced. I got one yesterday from the “University of Florida.” Don’t you know that one of the classes at the university is about selling car warranties? LOLOL
      Once, I screamed into the phone…like I was being murdered or something. They quickly hung up…but they called again. I love to play with these people.

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      • Much better to play with them than take notice of them. Someone rang me up a few years back from a local number but they spoke with an African accent (having worked with both white and black Africans they were White African) and asked for the lady who used to live in my house. I put the phone away and shouted her name, then said she wouldn’t be long and put the phone on the side, 30 minutes later I went back and the caller was still waiting for this woman to come to the phone, I put the phone back in its charger and burst out laughing because he would think she had just hung up instead of talking to him.


  2. lol Brilliant! Starting with the British accent, of course. And you’re right — if they’re calling about your car’s warranty needing an extension, then they ought to know the make and model. I love that… I’m going to steal it from you and use it someday. πŸ™‚ – Marty

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