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Deleting Martina – Chapter One

Martina Maria Hamilton grew up in modern times; raised with old world style and new world money, inherited by wealthy ancestors.

Her family was among the upper crust, whose sole journey of life seemed to be nothing more than having afternoon tea, and attending elaborate week-end parties.

She had been raised by nannies who cleaned and dressed her for the daily hour of attention given to her by seemingly non-nonchalant, uninterested parents.

She was driven to school by a chauffeur and after the required mundane studies, private tutors were called in for the important things, like learning how to be graceful and using proper language and etiquette.  That, her tutor said, was necessary to enable her to secure an appropriate husband of “her own kind.”

She was an average student, finding the need for excellence unnecessary. Her lot was to get her education and then settle into an existence that echoed her parents’ lifestyle.  She was to be a prim and proper girl, married to a wealthy tycoon…a mere shadow…a quiet symbol of beauty…seen and not heard…much like she viewed her mother.

She was an obedient child.  That way of life was the only way of life she knew.  She knew nothing of poverty or hunger or dirty knees from taking a fall.  She had never experienced the fun of having someone push her on a swing, while her hair danced back and forth, nor had she ever known the warmth of a hug from anyone other than the nanny.

She did however, know how to sit straight as if knives were implanted in the back of a chair, and she knew how to enter a room with the agility of a well-seasoned heiress.

Martina wasn’t what you would call shy, but she had always been a loner. Making friends had been difficult due to the gap between her obvious wealth and the children of working class people.  Not until her senior year in high school, did she realize that there was a different world out there.

That world was introduced by a new student named Callie, who couldn’t have cared less about social status, couture or designer handbags.  She was like a storm that blew in, swept everyone off their feet and left them wondering what the hell had just happened.  She clearly enjoyed life and epitomized the saying, “carpe diem.”

She smoked, drank beer, told dirty jokes and was extremely recalcitrant.  At least once a week, she would land in the principal’s office after blatantly and unapologetically calling one of her teachers an idiot.  She wasn’t a know-it-all; she just didn’t suffer fools very well.

All the boys instantly fell in love with Callie, and she set their hearts aflutter by loving them right back.  But despite her free spirit image, she had plans.  She just wanted to have fun while, as she put it, “I’m still young and beautiful.”

Her beauty was not so much in the physical aspect, but in the way she carried herself and executed her eccentric, nonconformist ways.  She exuded self-confidence, had a delicious sense of humor, and her rebellious streak was intoxicating.

Martina had obviously never met anyone like Callie, and her boring, regimented life of charm schools and protocols was about to be turned upside down.


To be continued___________


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