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If Those Shoes Could Talk – Chapter Seven

I sat down and stared at the little foot, or should I say what was left of the little foot.  It was almost petrified or mummified…I wasn’t sure what the correct word was.  I just knew that it was some kind of “fied,” and I knew that I was absolutely horrified.

I also now knew that the discoloration on the shoe wasn’t dye, well at least not dye as in color.  Apparently the little girl lost her foot and her blood had “colored” her shoe.

I shivered as the strangers’ words came floating back like a cool breeze. “You know, there’s a rumor that this little building is haunted.”

I believed it.  And the little girl with a crutch who was trying to get in…well, I’d say hearing that would crank your tractor.  Maybe she knew that her foot, or her shoe, or her foot in her shoe was in that little building and she wanted it back.

The next question was; what was I going to do?  Should I keep the little foot in the shoe, or should I return it?  Would I wake up in the middle of the night and find the little girl and her crutch standing at my back door, trying to get in to get her foot, um…her shoe, um…her foot in her shoe? Was I even going to be able to sleep tonight?

I had already been more or less warned by Mr. Stranger and I had more or less given my word that I wouldn’t return but somehow, I thought taking that little shoe back would be the right thing to do.  How I was going to do it was the question.

Where the hell is that evil twin?  I’m sure she would have a plan.

Maybe I would go at night.  It would be pitch black and that way, no one would see me.  I would don dark clothes and I’d be completely invisible, except of course for the huge spotlight I would need to negotiate my surroundings.  I may as well call the police and tell them where I was going and when I was going to be there.  I could even carry a sign that read, “Stupid Brilliance At Work.”  (Thanks evil twin.)

The only choice I could see was to go in the full light of day and should Mr. Stranger catch me, I would explain exactly why I was there and more importantly, why I broke my word.  I think he would understand.  If he didn’t, there would be plenty of places he could bury my body.  Maybe he could just throw me into the little building with the rest of the shoes. Then, five millions years from now, some other nosy person might pry the door open, find me and say, “man, that woman must have really loved her some shoes!”

I snapped back into reality but I had a creepy feeling.  I wondered if I should leave the shoe outside for the night.  What if there was some sort of ghostly attachment to the little shoe and I let it loose in my house?  Then again, if I put it outside, what if some animal found the shoe and ran off with it to feed their young the bones?

That was it.  I knew for sure that I was going to end up in the nervous hospital.  That would be my punishment for theftery…or theivery…or stealery…or what ever the hell it was.  I should have been locked up before it came to this.  What was I thinking?  Obviously I wasn’t thinking.  I was curious, or bored, or stupid, or maybe all three.

As I sat there talking to myself, I wondered.  Is this how people go insane? Or is this how criminals go insane?

Oh!  The humanity!


To be continued__________________________

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