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The Night Before Christmas

“Tis the night before Christmas and nothing has changed,

No merriment wishes or visits arranged.

Alone in the dark, with one candle lit,

Curled up in a chair, is where I will sit.

No tree in the foyer, no tree in the den,

But ah, I remember the time way back when.

Stockings were hanging from bright, shiny hooks,

For children awaiting their very first looks.

No sleepy-eyed young ones awaking at dawn,

At least not in my house, for those days are gone.

Festivities happen at some other home,

No knock on my door, no ring on my phone.

There’ll be no fond wishes, no mournful goodbye,

No hope that just maybe, eight reindeer can fly.

No wrapping paper pieces, to pick up and toss,

No bows or empty boxes or tags to come across.

No soccer balls, or Barbie dolls or any kind of games,

No pics of smiling faces, which later would be framed.

There’ll be no roasting turkey, no yams or cherry pie,

There’ll be no macaroni or fresh cooked marble rye.

Tomorrow’s nothing special, it hasn’t been for years,

But there will be no sadness, and there will be no tears.

The memories abound of those Christmases long past,

When high were beliefs that families would last.

When fate flips a coin, we win or we lose,

But sometimes we’re given no option to choose.

The winner takes all, the loser retreats,

Accepting a world of reclusive defeat.

But when you’ve got nothing, you’ve nothing to lose,

When choices aren’t given, you’ve nothing to choose.

On Christmas day I’ll make a toast, to days of yesteryear,

When happiness was being close, to those I held so dear.

I’ve come to embrace the way things are now,

I no longer question the why or the how.

One day, like those before me, my time here will be done,

My life will be a memory and my race will have been run.

Will anyone remember, or not, I sometimes fear,

That once I had a family, and yes, once I was here.



To those of you who matter, I have these words to say,

Here’s hoping all of you will have a Merry Christmas Day.


15 thoughts on “The Night Before Christmas

  1. My friend πŸ’• I say friend because I feel I know you through your words – talented writer might I add..😊
    We don’t realize the wonderful impact we leave on people – family, friends and strangers alike.. we aren’t supposed to – because our caring comes from the heart without expectations – I believe you love with all your heart – a selfless love β™₯️
    Sometimes it isn’t reciprocated.. and that sucks – but you will always be remembered for the moments and beauty of the love you gave to those throughout your life..
    I wish you the most peaceful loving quiet or loud and everything in between Christmas moments πŸŽ„πŸ’•πŸ˜Š

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