All Is Not As It Seems – Chapter Fourteen

Kelly was confused and scared but did as ordered.  When she was led inside, she felt as if she was in the middle of a war zone.  Men were swarming everywhere, carrying guns, wearing masks and screaming orders.

She watched as Ellis was led down the grand staircase and shivered as he turned toward her.  A thousand thoughts were going through her mind.  She looked at him as if asking, “what’s happening?  Where are they taking you?  Why are they taking you?”

His face was almost expressionless but his eyes were fixated on her and the intensity was frightening.  He was looking at her the way someone would look at someone who had betrayed them.

Suddenly, a shadowy figure walked up to her, leaned over and whispered, “you look good, kid.”

It was Nedward.  She looked at him and asked “what do you mean?”  He said “it’s okay.  We’ll talk later.  Just let them cuff you and take you downtown.”  Then he walked away.

An hour later, Kelly found herself sitting alone in a room with a big window, which she knew was a two-way mirror.  Suddenly the door opened and she was surprised when Roy walked in and sat in front of her.  He had a huge scar on the side of his head and had lost all of his hair on that side.

He smiled and said “hey Sela.  I’ll bet you’re surprised to see me.”

She looked at him and said “what happened to you?  Where have you been?  And you should know that my name is not Sela.  It’s Kelly.”

Roy looked at her and said “no it’s not, but that’s not my story to tell.”

Again, Kelly asked Roy what happened to him.  He said “do you remember asking me to take you away with me?”  Kelly said “I do, but I thought you just left without me.”

Roy almost painfully said “the King knew that I was planning on leaving and taking you with me, so he decided to…shall we say…stop it.”

“Stop it how?  Kelly asked.  “Did he fire you?”

Roy pointed to his massive scar and said “no, he shot me in the head and had me thrown in the ocean.  I was one of those lucky blokes who happened to float within sight of a cruising Coast Guard boat and was rescued.  The doctors say I’m a walking miracle.”

Kelly put her head in her hands and said “this is too much.”  Then she looked at Roy and said “I don’t believe you!  I don’t believe Ellis would ever do such a thing.  He has always been kind and supportive toward me.”

Roy looked at her and said “didn’t it strike you as at least a bit strange that the very night you asked me to take you away, I suddenly disappeared without so much as a goodbye?  Don’t you think I would have told you goodbye?”  He took her hand and said “you know how I felt about you.”

Kelly was embarrassed and pulled her hand back.  “I know you had feelings for me,” she said, “and I think you knew that those feelings weren’t shared, yet you were willing to risk your life to help me escape and I was willing to let you.  I want you to know that I’m sorry and I’m sorry for what happened to you but I don’t believe for a minute that Ellis had anything to do with it.”

Roy raised his eyebrows when he echoed “Ellis?”  Kelly said “yes, I call him Ellis.”  Roy said “so, you two are…”  Kelly quickly said “no.  It’s not like that.  He’s a kind, gentle man who has taken care of me and there is nothing beyond friendship.”

Roy said “do you really not know who this man is?  Do you really not know WHAT this man is?  Do you really not know what he does and what he has done?”

Kelly angrily said “as I said.  He is a kind, gentle man who has taken care of me.  You are obviously a jealous, vindictive man and this conversation is over.”

The door opened and Nedward walked in with an officer who escorted Roy out of the room.  Kelly’s accusatory eyes followed Roy as he left the room and without looking at Nedward, asked “where are they taking him?”

Nedward said “somewhere safe.”

Then he sat down, looked at her and in his soft whispery voice said “it’s just me now.  You don’t have to pretend anymore.  It’s over.  It took a few years, but you did your job and you did it to perfection.  You should be proud.”


To be continued________________________