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All Is Not As It Seems – Chapter Thirteen

The King was impressed with the performance Kelly was giving.  He had never seen one better, with the exception of his own.

He had detected none of the things that would immediately give someone away.  She was good.

He knew what was going to have to happen but he had a gnawing question.  How long before the “end,” should he enjoy her company and enjoy her company, he did.  More than once, he had undressed her with his eyes and more than once she had noticed and he had noticed that she had noticed.

Maybe the chameleon’s information had been wrong.  Maybe she really did have amnesia, while pretending to have amnesia.  The King couldn’t and wouldn’t take any chances.  He was too careful.

Kelly had stopped crying and was numbly staring out of the window.  The King put on some romantic music and said “dance with me.”  Without hesitation, Kelly walked straight into his arms.  He wanted to feel the slightest quickening of her pulse, not because sparks were flying but rather, to feel a tremble of uncertainty.

While they danced, Kelly looked at him and said “may I call you Ellis?”  The King said “yes, for a while.”  Kelly seemed to ignore the latter part of his statement as she repeated “Ellis.  That’s a strong name.  Were you named for the famous island?”  He smiled and said “not to my knowledge.”

She surprised him when she said “you told me that no one was looking for me.  I had no one in my life.  Tell me.  Do you have anyone in your life?  I see people coming and going.  You have a full staff.  I’m here.  But, you always seem to be alone and I think you’re lonely.”

The King resented the intrusion into his personal life but she seemed to be so sincere.  “This is all part of the game,” he told himself, but there was something about her that made him hope.  She made him want to believe that she genuinely cared.  He put his hand under her chin as if to lift it for a kiss.  She smiled.

He said “it’s going to be hard to…..”.  Kelly looked at him and said “hard to what?”  The King said nothing.  He had become enamored with her but self-preservation was his driving force.  Still, he had to play the game.

He momentarily weakened when he looked at her and said “there was someone once.  She was beautiful, like you.  Actually, you remind me a bit of her.”

“What happened?” Kelly asked.  Quickly regaining control, he said “that’s a story for another day and right now you’ll have to excuse me.  I have to take care of some business and it can’t wait.”

Kelly left the room and passed a rather large, muscular man on the way down the stairs.  He nodded but didn’t speak.  She stopped and watched as he went into the King’s office.  She could hear them talking and was a bit embarrassed when the King walked over and shut the door, seeing that she was still standing midway down the stairs.

She made her way to her beloved gardens.  It was dusk and a chill in the air made her shiver.  Just as she was about to go inside, she saw flood lights and men in dark turnout gear surrounding the house.  One of them was standing in front of her, screaming the order “hands up.”

She looked toward the large window and saw the King being handcuffed.

To be continued______________

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  1. Chapter 13….Wow! I gotta add to my reading list and start from the beginning. I am not even going to read this so it does not spoil my waiting patiently to start afresh…*grins*

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