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All Is Not As It Seems – Chapter Five

With the unspoken approval of the King, Dr. Burt had Sela moved to one of the elegant rooms in the mansion.  When she walked in, she said “is this to be my room?”  Dr. Burt said “yes it is.”

Sela asked “am I to be a prisoner in this room?”  Dr. Burt said “no.  As soon as you have some suitable clothing, you will be free to roam about.  I have summoned a wardrobe specialist to come take measurements and she will fashion a complete wardrobe for you.  You’ll like her.  Her name is Greta.”

Sela surprised Dr. Burt when she said “long dresses with long sleeves.”

“Why?” he said.

Sela looked down at her arms and said “scars.  I have these scars.  I don’t know how I got them but they are there and they need to be hidden.”

Dr. Burt looked at her and said “you are a lovely woman and you have been wounded but remember, you carry the name of a great warrior.  You have battle scars.  Wear them with pride.  They are not shameful things but rather badges of survival.”

Sela looked at Dr. Burt and said “do you know how I got them?”  Dr. Burt shook his head.

Then Sela, with a never before seen vulnerability asked “hasn’t anyone tried to find me?  I mean, I must have belonged to someone.”

Dr. Burt said “I’m sure someone is trying to find you.  Sometimes, these things take time.”

Sela walked around the grand room, running her hands across the backs of luxurious chairs and along the edges of fine, handcrafted tables as if trying to get them to speak to her.  Without turning, she said “I hope so too.”

Her back still turned to Dr. Burt, she asked “might I be allowed to take a walk?”  Dr. Burt laughed and said “we can’t having you walking around in that hospital gown and robe.  Greta will be here in a few minutes and she will have you looking like a movie star.”

“When I get some clothes, can I leave?”  Dr. Burt said “Sela, you don’t know who you are.  You have no memory.  Where would you go?  Would you have me just drop you off somewhere, hoping that someone would recognize you?  Let’s give it some time.  I’ll continue working with you and in the meantime, everything you need will be provided for you.  You’re under my care and I really believe that I can help you.  Like I said, sometimes these things take time.”

Sela looked at Dr. Burt and softly said “okay.”

A knock on the door let Dr. Burt know that Greta had arrived.

She was a diminutive woman who wore her hair in a loose bun right on top of her head.  Her fingers had those tell-tale knobby knuckles and her sun-weathered skin lent a leathery look to her face.   She walked in the room and said “okay, doll.  Let’s see what we’ve got here.”

She began taking measurements and notes, saying nothing but an occasional “um hum.”  She finished and said “okay, we’ll get you some lingerie, casual wear and some formal wear.  I’m not one to stand on ceremony but most here do, if you know what I mean.”

Sela looked at her and said “no, I don’t know what you mean.  I know nothing about the people here.”

Greta said “well doll, put it this way.  You won’t be wearing cut-off blue jeans, loose T-shirts or flannel pajamas.”

After Greta left, Dr. Burt came back into the room.  Sela sat down and stared out the window.  As she sat, she wondered aloud.  “I’m not a prisoner but I’m not allowed to leave.  I don’t know who I am but I have been given a name.  I have no idea how I got here.  I don’t even know where I am but I’m being fawned over and given clothes and rooms.”

Dr. Burt put his hand on her shoulder and said “patience, Sela.  Patience.”



To be continued______________



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