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The Art Of Revenge – Chapter Seven

As Foy and Nedward tried to get things organized, the question was “how do we get our hands on a yacht that doesn’t have an HIN?”

Nedward said “I’m not sure we can but do you remember that one we confiscated that had just been built?  The one in the corner of the hangar? It might not have the HIN yet.  If it does, we can always make it disappear, right?”

Foy said he didn’t remember.  Nedward said “you don’t remember?  It didn’t have a name.  It’s bad luck for a boat not to have a name and we laughed about it being true since the owner was never going to set sail.”

Foy started laughing and said “oh yeah, I remember now.  Wasn’t that the one we were going to sneak out of the warehouse and take for a spin?”

“That would be the one,” Nedward said with a sigh.  “And as I recall, we were a few sheets to the wind.  Probably a good thing we didn’t try.”  Foy laughed and said “probably.  Okay, let’s go check it out.”

When they got to the hangar where all the private planes, cars, boats and yachts were stored until the eventual auction, there sat the “no named” yacht.  “Let’s get her,” Foy said.

Armed with all the necessary, albeit faked paperwork, Nedward and Foy had the yacht loaded onto a trailer and hauled away.

After a thorough examination, it was determined that the yacht, as they hoped, didn’t have an HIL.  Nedward asked about a name or rather, the lack of one.  “Won’t that be bad luck…again, like for Adeline?”

Foy looked at him and said “who?”  Nedward smiled and nodded.  Adeline didn’t exist.

They had collected cash, jewelry and clothing, just as Adeline had requested.  When they were readying the yacht, Adeline suggested there be some men’s toiletries and clothing aboard in lieu of cash, designer clothing and jewelry.

When questioned, she said “when I’m found, alone with amnesia, who knows what might have happened?  I may have discovered that I had a cheating husband or boyfriend, which resulted in a scuffle.  He may have, in a fit of anger for having been found out, thrown my purse, jewelry and clothes overboard.

Since he won’t be there, it can only be assumed that the poor thing, in his aforementioned fit of anger, must have fallen overboard as well and was torn apart by some blood-thirsty, flesh-ripping, man-eating fish, lurking beneath the cold, dark water.”

Although a bit dark and twisty, Adeline was showing a sense of humor for the first time since she had “awakened.”

It was decided that she would embark on her journey the upcoming Saturday.  The Phantom King’s private island was only a few hours away and she would be well within daylight when she arrived.

Nedward and Foy watched as her long, now blonde hair seemed to take flight when a slight breeze danced softly by.  There were no goodbyes. There were no hugs.  There were no “good luck” wishes.  There was no backward glance as she boarded the yacht.

She had promised to call one time before she tossed the burner phone into the ocean.  Nedward and Foy knew that would be the last time they heard from her until she had tasted her revenge.

Nedward looked at Foy as she steered the yacht away from the private slip that was made available from yet another of Foy’s contacts.  “She’s ready for her close-up,” he said.

Two hours later, Nedward received what he knew was going to be a bittersweet call but something wasn’t right.  He could barely hear her as she talked.  Finally, he got a signal and all he heard was “I’m in the middle of a freak storm that has turned pretty ferocious and…..”

That was the end of the call.  Nedward called Foy, not really in a panic but Foy could tell he was concerned.  Foy said “she’s tough.  She can handle whatever is thrown at her.”

As Adeline tried to maintain control of the yacht, she was violently tossed around the deck.  She fought to not only keep control of the yacht, but also keep upright, holding on with every ounce of strength she had.  Her efforts were in vain as a huge wave slammed into her, causing her to strike her head on the huge metal prop.

As quickly as it formed, the powerfully destructive storm cowardly disintegrated into nothing more than a summer squall…but not before leaving its mark.

Adeline lay in a pool of pink water, colored by the blood pouring from the deep gash in her head.


Qhov Kawg.


8 thoughts on “The Art Of Revenge – Chapter Seven

  1. Adeline is able to kick butt and take names! Reminds me of your inner strength. Busy day for me my grandson has the flu he had to get an IV yesterday because he was dehydrated. I have made sure today he has gotten plenty of fluids. Ring me tomorrow if you can.😘


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