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The Art Of Revenge – Chapter Six

Adeline’s plan was nothing short of brilliant.  It didn’t require any undercover skills.  It only required her to be a master of amnesia.

She had let her hair grow and bleached it blonde.  No one would ever recognize her, especially after the extensive plastic surgery.  Nedward often wondered if any of the “old” Holly was there.  She had still never mentioned anything about her past.

For months, she practiced ignoring her name when being called.  When involved in casual conversations, which would normally make a person unconsciously disclose information, she was adept at almost indetectable deflection.

Adeline’s rule was to always wait five seconds before pleading ignorance when answering a personal question, or giving her perspective or opinion on a certain subject.  She practiced often with Nedward and was honing her skills to perfection.

Having been kept away from the general public as well as other officers in the force for over a year she was, for all intents and purposes, Holly had indeed died and Adeline had emerged.

All records of her as Holly had been wiped clean.  Foy had an insider at AFIS who destroyed the fingerprints on file when she was an officer.  They had covered all bases.  Holly simply did not exist and Adeline only existed to Nedward and Foy.

Before Adeline told Foy what she needed, she paused and surprised both Foy and Nedward when she suddenly said “what happened to my house?” Nedward looked down and said “it was sold for back taxes.”

Adeline seemed unaffected but asked if he knew who bought it.  He looked at her and said “I did.”  Adeline didn’t show the slightest reaction when she said “oh.”

As if she had already forgotten what she had just asked, she continued telling Foy what she was going to need.  He sat motionless and expressionless as he listed to her.

“I need a small yacht.  I need jewelry that would make Nefertiti jealous and I need a wardrobe that looks like it came from Rodeo Drive in Hollywood.  I need cash and I mean a large amount of cash and I need a malfunctioning compass installed on the yacht.  I need a throw-away phone for a few hours and after we lose contact, I need for you to more or less play the waiting game.

She smiled and said “it’s time for the kill,” she said.

Foy hadn’t moved a muscle in his body or his face.  Finally, he said “okay.  It will take me a me a few days but I’ve got you covered.  Now you have to tell me your plan.”

Adeline got up and walked over to the window.  Looking out into the world she hadn’t seen in more than a year, she said “you see.  I will have been the recipient of a large inheritance.  I foolishly bought a yacht that I had no idea how to maneuver and somehow I ended up going the wrong way.”

“I am going to float right into the waters surrounding the island of the Phantom King.  My thoughts are that when he sees me through his binoculars, he will be either intrigued or paranoid, especially when he sees no one on board.”

“He won’t see anyone on board, because I will have taken a fall and hit my head, thus causing total amnesia.”

“My yacht will be escorted to the island.  Once there, I will be a helpless amnesiac, desperately trying to discover my identity.  I’ll be the fragile damsel in distress.  Understand?”

Foy knew not to question her again about her certainty of actually pulling it off.  She had blood in her eyes and he knew that nothing short of being killed herself would stop her from killing the Phantom King.

Nedward looked at Foy and said “the cash and jewelry won’t be a problem. We’ll just get it from the vault.  Do you have any wardrobe connections?” Foy said “quite a few.  They’re fake but they’re believable fakes.  You know that guy we’re always busting down on Thirty-Eight Street?”

Nedward said “the one who sells everything from “genuine” HERMÈS bags for $1,000.00 to Jimmy Choo shoes for a few hundred?”

Foy looked at him and said “yeah, that’s the one.  He’s really good.  He’s managed to fool even the most discerning eye.  If I make a deal with him and tell him that we’ll leave him alone for a while, he’ll pretty much give us anything we need.”

“And are you going to keep your word?” asked Nedward.

Foy laughed and said “nah.  He’s breaking the law, man.”  Nedward smiled and shook his head.  He wasn’t sure if Foy was being serious or just jerking his chain.

Foy looked at Nedward and said “Hey…how do you know about that stuff anyway?”  Nedward said “I pay attention.”

Foy laughed, stood up, clapped his hands and said “okay.  Let’s do this.”

He looked at Adeline and said “hang tight, kid.  Just a few more days.”

Adeline gave him a Mona Lisa smile, then turned and walked away.


To be continued_________________


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