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The Art Of Revenge – Chapter Five

Nedward looked at Holly and said “we gave you a temporary name.  We weren’t sure…”  Holly interrupted him and said “you weren’t sure I was going to make it?”  Nedward nodded his head yes.

“Okay,” Holly said.  “What is my name?”

Nedward said “Adeline.  Adeline Forrest.”  Holly repeated it.  “Adeline Forrest.  That’s a good name.  I like it.  I’m going to have to remember it and then I’m going to have to forget it.”  Nedward was confused by her response but didn’t question her about it.

They were meeting Sergeant Foy at one of the safe houses where Adeline would be staying indefinitely.  When they arrived, Foy walked up to her, held out his arms and said “Holly.  It’s good to see you.  You look great.” Holly took a step backward as if to say “no.”  Then she said “please call me Adeline.”

There was no time for niceties or trips down memory lane as she began the conversation, much to the surprise of both Nedward and Foy.  She asked if they had all the necessary paperwork, such as birth certificate, passport, drivers’ license and most importantly…a believable and confirmable past.

Sergeant Foy said “we do.  All we need is your photograph.”  Nedward leaned toward Adeline and said “what have you got in mind?  Being an undercover?”

Adeline said “no.  You are going to teach me to remember my new past and then you are going to teach me how to forget it.”

“So you have a plan?” asked Nedward.  “I do,” said Adeline.

Nedward and Foy listened as Adeline told them about her plan.  She went into great detail and admittedly, Nedward and Foy were simultaneously mesmerized and astounded.  Her plan ended with a phrase that made chills run down their back.

It was at that moment Nedward and Foy realized that Holly had been replaced by Adeline and Adeline had every intention of becoming an unapologetic, cold-blooded killer.

It took a few minutes for Foy to look at her and say “are you sure you can handle it?”  Adeline looked him dead in the eyes and said “don’t ever ask me that again.”


To be continued__________

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