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End Of Watch – Chapter Ten

Nedward and Holly stopped at the local “greasy spoon” and ordered the daily special.  “This place is great,” he said.  “It’s the closest thing to eating homemade food.”

Holly ignored what he said and told him that she was a little confused.  “Why did we give the notification, since it was clearly a homicide and not a drug deal “gone wrong?”

“I was just letting you get your feet wet,” he said.  “You needed to get one under your belt.  After we finish eating, I’ll introduce you to one of my CI’s.  You’ll need to know how to deal with them.”

Holly asked “do you pay them or just give them a sort of ‘get out of jail free’ card?”  Nedward, not betraying his whispering demeanor, shook his head and said “you’ve got a lot to learn, kid.”

They met with “Fuzzy” the CI, but he didn’t have any information about anything going down.  He was a strange, congenial little man with sparsely, ragged facial hair that posed as a beard, hence the nickname.

Nedward didn’t offer any background about Fuzzy and Holly didn’t ask and it didn’t escape her notice when Nedward slipped him a fin and told him to hang in there.  Given the way Fuzzy smelled and acted, Holly thought the money must be for a fifth.  Holly smiled as she suspected that their visit was just a ploy for Nedward to check up on Fuzzy.

She wondered what had happened in this man’s life that had put him on the street, essentially being a snitch in exchange for money.  She was glad Fuzzy had Nedward as a friend, whether pseudo or real.

It bothered her to see homeless people living on the street.  They all had a story that begged to be told and someday, hopefully many years from now, she thought she might entertain a second career writing about these people.  Even more, she hoped that many years from now there would be no homeless people.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Nedward said “let’s go.  Foy wants us back at the station.”  When they walked in, Foy all but ignored her and asked Nedward to step into his office.  As she waited outside, although not eavesdropping, the only thing she heard was “off the books.”

She knew better than to ask Nedward about the conversation.  He came out of the office and said “you’re going to take a ride with Jayce.  He needs to meet with one of his contacts to follow up on a lead.  It’ll be good experience for you.”

Holly was thinking “Jayce.  He’s the one they called ‘pretty boy’.  I wonder what gems he might have to teach me?  I wonder if he’s going to ask me to pretend to be a hooker?  Geeze.”

After about five minutes, Jayce came bounding in and said “let’s get moving.  Time’s a-wasting.”

They drove up and down back streets and alleys until they stopped in front of a run-down house at the end of a dead-end road.  Holly watched as Jayce got out and strolled up to the front door.  He was greeted by one of the most “bosomy” women Holly had ever seen.  She could hear her say “Hello Joe.  Wanna give it a go?”

What happened inside was left to Holly’s imagination but after a few minutes, Jayce came out and said “got a tip.”

Holly laughed and said “what was with the ‘hello Joe’ thing?”  Jayce laughed and said “she always says that.  She calls herself ‘Lady Marmalade’, you know after that song…’Giuchie Giuchie ya ya dada.”

“So what’s the tip?” Holly asked.  “Oh, you’re not getting in on this,” Jayce said.  “Why not?” asked Holly.  “Because you’re not ripe.  I’ll take you back to the station and they’ll probably put you with somebody else or send you on a stake-out.”

He laughed and said “you’ll never forget your first solo stake-out.  You’ll sit there for hours and hours, drinking cold coffee, having to piss like a racehorse and then, you’ll get called back in.  It’s something we’ve all had to do and I’m just giving you a heads up.  I guess they do it to teach us about discipline.”

Holly emphatically said “I am very disciplined!”  Jayce laughed again and said “oh, I believe you.”

Jayce was the exact opposite of Nedward.  Brash, bold, loud, a bit full of himself and yes, he was a pretty boy.  She understood how he so easily got scoops from informants…especially women.  She liked him and he could certainly turn heads but hers was not going to be one of them.

Holly casually mentioned that she had overheard Foy telling Nedward that something was “off the books.”

Jayce did a 180 and sternly said “okay.  You heard it and now you’ll forget it.”

He said “let me tell you something.  Lieutenant Foy is the kind of man who will always have your back but you never want to get on his wrong side. Believe me.  That would be a fatal mistake.”

“I’ve never even spoken to him,” Holly said.  “Jayce said “don’t worry.  You will and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.”


To be continued____________



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