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End Of Watch – Chapter Six

Flattop Mountain was well known in the town.  A highway had been cut right through the middle.  On the top and off to the side, just above the entrance to the tunnel was an old, abandoned railroad track.

As you entered the dimly lit, urine stained, previously homeless occupied tunnel, it brought back memories of youth for some.

In the 60’s, the top of the mountain was the place for teenagers to park and share their first kiss or explore parts of themselves that at the time, were strictly taboo.

Holly remembered her parents telling her about the one and only time they went up there to “neck.”  She teased them and asked if it was really only one time.  A wink from Henry and a blushing Sara, made Holly think it may have been more than once.

Children often left pennies on the tracks, hoping the train would flatten them and Henry confessed to trying it once.  The area was eventually closed off as there was no railing to prevent jumping or falling off the mountain but it was well known that children still played there.

Holly’s beloved parents Henry and Sara were just entering the tunnel when their car was struck by a cinder block, dropped from the overpass.  Henry lost control and slammed into the concrete side of the tunnel, killing both of them instantly.

Two boys were spotted running away but were quickly tracked down.  They were 13 and 14 years old.  They were just mischievous children, most likely not understanding the consequences of what they were doing.  Children that young don’t have the maturity to fully comprehend that death is final and is devastating whether it comes from natural causes or the result of a stupid, senseless act.

Holly had to accept, like Father Phillips said, that because these children were so young, they would most likely have a minor stint as juvies.  She understood it but could she accept it?  That was going to be difficult. Those boys would still have their whole lives ahead of them but her beloved parents were gone and she openly resented it.

Holly remembered Father Phillips’ warning about not letting her bitterness and grief turn into a vendetta and she knew that’s not what her parents would want.  She would put that aside, but she knew beyond all doubt that her hatred toward those boys would never be assuaged nor would forgiveness ever be offered.

Sara had been cremated and her remains had been placed in the coffin with Henry.  Holly knew they would never have wanted to be separated and she thought it was the right thing to do.

Theirs was the kind of love most only read about in stories and every story has an ending but Henry and Sara’s had ended far too soon.

At the service she stood in staid silence, flanked by Earl and Rachel. As the bagpipes cried their haunting rendition of Amazing Grace, she thought her knees might buckle but she was determined not to falter.

Father Phillips spoke of fallen officers being angels and he gestured toward Holly as he said “and those who are left behind, are eagles.  You will both soar high into the heavens but for now, you will just soar a little closer to the ground.”

Father Phillips ended his sermon with the policeman’s prayer and when it was time for Holly to speak, the only thing she said was a tear-jerking “everyone has a hero.  My hero wore a badge and I called him dad.”

There was complete silence as every officers’ radio clicked.


“Command to 43 Adam 1.”

“Command to 43 Adam 1.”

“Command to 43 Adam 1.” Do you copy?”

“No response from 43 Adam 1.”

“All units keep the air clear for 43 Adam 1.”

“Command to 43 Adam 1.”

“43 Adam 1 is 10-7.”

“Command copies.”

“43 Adam 1.  Officer Henry Francis Redmond.  Badge #2245.   End of Watch.” 



To be continued____________



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