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The Eclipse Is Coming

I just finished making my solar eclipse box.  I think I did it right.  If not, I guess I’ll have a little trouble finding my way back into my house when it’s over.  My area is in the path of totality.

This morning, I heard that we should expect all sorts of strange things…like crickets chirping.  Really?  The crickets around my house never shut up. They’re chirping right now.

The birds would stop singing.  The birds here sing all the time, even at night so I don’t think they’re going to know the difference.

We will be able to see Jupiter and Saturn burning brightly in the sky, but only if you’re one of the places that will get the total blackout.  Great!  I’ve actually grown a little bored with seeing Venus all the time.

The temperature will drop.  Well, yeah.  If the sun is blocked, I would imagine the temperature would drop.  I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out…but I’ll make sure I have my blankie.

That temperature drop could also possibly cause dew to fall on you.  Cool.  I’ll bring a towel.

There are supposed to be traffic jams and empty shelves at grocery stores.  I’m not going to be out and about and I have my case of Boost chilling in the refrigerator, so I’m good.

One person said it would change anybody who witnessed it.  Okay.  Change them how?  Are women suddenly going to grow facial and chest hair?  Are men going to develop boobs?  Maybe they mean it in a metaphysical way…such as feeling that you and the universe are “one.”  Pffft!  I’ll pass.

Then I heard this woman say “and make sure all of your pets are inside.”  I’m thinking….”seriously?”

In all my years, I have never seen an animal who looked like it was thinking “hmm.  I think I’ll just sit here for a while and stare at the sun.”  I know some people are a few bricks shy of a load but most animals are pretty smart and I can’t imagine a dog or a cat, jumping up and down saying “let’s go stare at the sun.  Please, please, can we?”

I’ve also heard that it will signal the end of time.  When I was younger and still had hopes and dreams, that idea would have scared the ever-loving stuffing out of me.  Just a decade ago, I would have been worried to death about my family.  Now…I don’t really care.

Still, I’m going to watch the eclipse and if I hear trumpets blowing and see an angry God sitting on His throne, I’ll just say “oh well.”


8 thoughts on “The Eclipse Is Coming

  1. I bought into that pets will go blind stuff. Yeah, it’s embarrassing, but when you see an ‘official’ sign…oh shit. It’s on the INTERNET where everything is suspect. Still. Huny spent the eclipse on my lap in the house. We watched the shadows grow long and longer and then a sort of twilighty dusk fell, and then the shadows receded and it was back to what passes for normal in these woods. We got 83% coverage as I understand it or 90 something is all. The only difference I noticed was that for a second or two it was absolutely still around here…no traffic, no noise, not even a bird (my birds are nocturnal as well..) Now THAT was odd..

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    • I was in the path of totality and waited all morning. Ten minutes before it was supposed to start, clouds rolled in. It never got any darker than it would if the sun had just gone behind a cloud. I was…how you say….pissed off!


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