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The Road To Mercy

There is a place where worn and tattered souls go.  A place where the broken, bruised, battered, forlorn and down-trodden are welcomed with open arms.  There is no cover charge nor is a membership required.

It is a place for those who have been condemned simply because they were different or who have been judged because they finally broke under the weight of agonizing, soul-killing despair.

It is a place for those who were discarded after they sought comfort and understanding for illnesses which could not be seen or touched.  It is a place for those whose cries for help were ignored.  It is a place for those who fought for their very existence only to wish they had failed.

Mercy does not offer healing…for some souls can never be healed.  But Mercy offers peace.

Those who have suffered a lifetime of abuse, neglect and numbness of the heart find respite there.  Those who have felt so much that they no longer feel anything, find solace there.

Those who are touched starved will no longer be paralyzed with fear. Those who have lost a lifetime of everything they once held dear, have a place in Mercy.

The road to Mercy is well-traveled, and even though it is known that there is no outlet, it is no deterrent to those who seek to escape their torture.

Whether they decide to open a vein or a bottle, tie a noose or a load a gun, those souls are walking the road to Mercy.

When they finally get there, they’re home.



14 thoughts on “The Road To Mercy

  1. This is heartbreaking, but so true. I almost cried. The fact that you wrote this proves to me that you are a caring person, whereas your friend who can’t imagine the mindset to take your own life isn’t. The things I said to you the other night were not excuses and I was not trying to get you to feel sorry for me. I tried to give you an explanation because I felt you would understand. I am sorry that your friend feels the need to reinterpret my words. I will continue to read your work, but I shall refrain from commenting. It certainly seems unfair to put you in the position of having to choose, but that is exactly what she is trying to do. I think you are an amazing person and I wish you well.


    • Nobody governs my opinions about anything or anybody but people are allowed to interpret as they wish. I do not bend to pressure.
      Do what makes you comfortable. If you no longer want to comment, that is your right but this is not a game of who to choose.
      If you want to communicate with her, you should. If she wants to communicate with you, she should….but I’m not going to be a pawn and neither one of you should attempt to do that communicating through me. I don’t like games.


      • I have absolutely no desire to ever have anything to do with her again. As I said I don’t want to make you a pawn at all. If I don’t make any comments, she won’t be able to post her reinterpretation. I agree, this is not a game. I honestly just wanted to communicate about life. Peace

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        • She is free to post whatever she likes. I am free to form my own opinions and make my own decisions. You are feee to ignore her interpretations or simply not read them.
          You are also free to comment as you like in my blog.


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