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Dear Tom Howard

Thank you so much for your comment and the offer to “share the secret of your happiness with me.”

It never ceases to amaze me how you folks are able to intuit that we all need a hacker, based on the stories we write.  I am not as good at reading (or writing) between the lines.  I would have NEVER in a million years thought that Emberlyn should need to hack her dead husbands’ social media and phone.

Merciful day!  I can only imagine what kind of services you could offer should I…say…write about a squirrel.

I know there’s a particular squirrel that lives in my yard and that little fucker is always running around, sharing his nuts with every squirrelett in the neighborhood!

I’m not sure he has a Facebook page, nor am I sure he has a cell phone, but I will certainly check that out!  Lord have mercy on his nuts if he does!  He needs to stop all that CHEATING!

This “Zeus” person is exactly what I have been looking for!  I’ll run out and take a picture of said cheating squirrel and threaten to post it on every telephone pole in the neighborhood while Zeus hacks his tree.  Okay?


1. You were “adviced” to hire a hacker but I think you should have been “adviced” to learn the English language a little better, especially if you’re going to be a scammer.  It’s always helpful (and I have said this time and time again) if you know that sentences end with a period, not a comma and “i” is always first person, therefore should be capitalized.

2.  Also, “helped” (as in helped me) is past tense.  “Hacked” is also past tense. The proper way to write the third (run on) sentence would have been “and he helped me HACK my cheating wife’s phone, etc.)  Got it?

You people and your lame attempts at trying to sound like you have enough sense to scam somebody!

By the way.  As you said, I will say.  “I’m so happy with this!!!”  You owe me $1500.00 for an unsolicited email!

Now, we can go about this one of two ways.

1.  My attorney who specializes in catching and prosecuting scammers, will serve you with papers…or

2.  I can simply refer your information to the Prophet Azaria.  He will put a curse on you and make your life miserable or I can choose to request something a little more painful, like making your penis dry up and fall off.

Your choice. (Personally I’d opt for the first one.)

You can contact me at: scammersareusnomore.01@INLOOK.COM.
You can also text me at 6666666666.


Tom Howard
I’m so happy with this!!! I want to share the secret of my happiness with you, i was having problems with my relationship and I was adviced to hire a hacker. I then hired ZeusHacks, and he helped me hacked my cheating wife’s phone, facebook messages and whatsapp conversations at a very cheap cost within few hours. I’m very grateful to them and you can contact them onZEUSHACKERS01@OUTLOOK.COM or text them on 8622053225 for all your hacking needs.



18 thoughts on “Dear Tom Howard

    • I know. I just love to play with these people. I mean…do they REALLY think I’m going to fall for that garbage?
      Maybe I should start saving their email addresses and start my own “business.” Something like “how to not get caught trying to scam people.” Whatcha think? LOL


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