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I Have A New Name – Given By Hitler 88

Okay, this is the last audience this scumbag is going to get…but he’s just so damn pathetically funny.  Let’s see…where do I begin?  What has he been up to?

He attacked my friend Deb (learningtolivelikewater) and Sam (SDCtheriverrunners) and Juan (omtatjuan3.)

Then, me.  He even gave me a new name.  He wrote a post about me, titled “Hitler88 attacked by Herpes N****R Loving Antifa.”  I had to look up the definition of Antifa.

An Antifa is “an abbreviation for ‘anti-fascist.’  They are a group of people belonging loosely to a series of interconnected anonymous cliques; adherents to a simplistic and thus very charming view of the world.  To them, everything that isn’t far left or collectivist…is fascist, racist or nazi.”

Well, chop me off at the knees and call me shorty!  I had no idea. (Frankly, I think he has me confused with his inbred sister/mama.) Which one is she?  Is she his sister or his mama?  Or is she his sister AND his mama?

Oh, and I’m a “communist and free speech hater.”  (I’m guessing he can’t read….either that or he can’t comprehend what he reads, since I stated that I was a supporter of the first amendment.)

Obviously he is confused and can’t decide exactly what to call me.  Next, I’m a “crazy Marxist brainwashed chick.” Then, I’m a “piece of maggot shit communist.”  Come on, you idiot.  Didn’t you already call me a communist?  Get with the program.  Are you impaired in some other obvious way?  We all know you’re a fucking loser and now we know you’re a fucking redundant loser.

Then, it’s “she would throw you in jail if she could because all speech that she disagrees with would be ‘jailable’ hate speech.”  Um…I can’t respond. I’m laughing too hard.

I’m also a “libtard.”  Did you mean to say I look good in a leotard?

I will say that I am impressed with his extensive vocabulary.  It consists of four or five WHOLE words.

Of course, he mentions that I use a pen name to hide behind and if he knew my true identity he would NEVER say what he said.
Seriously?  You want us to believe that a maggot infested, discarded penis foreskin like you..is sensitive?  Are you fucking kidding me?  I can hardly finish typing this without laughing.

Onward to more about me.  “That is why these people are HILARIOUS TO TROLL. They literally lose their minds like a Jew does with the Heolohoax.”
You fucking idiot.  There is no such word as “healohoax.”  Misspelling that word, shows that you are ignorant in more ways than one.  Go back to school (if they let flea-bitten vermin like you in.)  Learn about history and learn how to spell.

He also calls me a “bimbo” and “Mrs. Herpes.”

You think I’m a bimbo?  Well, bless your heart.  (In case you’re not clever enough to know what that means…look it up…and I don’t mean the bimbo part.)  Given your heritage, you already know what a bimbo is. You just need to learn the art of proper application.

You can keep trolling and you can keep spewing out your hatred…and you can keep being proud of being nothing more than a pile of shit, but you will be blocked every time…after everybody laughs at you.  You might want to hold onto those TWO followers.  I’d bet one of them is you and the other one is obviously your sister/mama.

I do owe him a big thank you, though.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. I know there are ignorant people out there but I’m not sure if this guy is hilarious, pathetic or pathetically hilarious.

By the way, Mr. Hitler 88.  When you re-blog someones’ post, you should be a polite little fucker and ask permission…but given what you are, plagiarism doesn’t seem to be above you.

Okay.  Play time’s over.  Tuck your tail between your legs (because I seriously doubt that anything else is long enough) and run along home.



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