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Response From WordPress About the Racist Comment

Before I post the fifteenth and final chapter of “The Ice Pick Killer,” I thought I’d share the response from WordPress, after I contacted them about the racist comment on my blog.

“Thanks for your report. 

The quoted text is included in this post for the purpose of criticism and, as such, is not a violation of our terms of service.


Emilia L. | Community Guardian | WordPress.com”

The “quote text is included in this post for the purpose of criticism.”  Seriously?

Okay.  Exactly what is Hitler88 “criticizing”?

At no point in the story, do I apply a label as to race, color, religious affiliation or the sexual preference of the characters.

His comment to me, reads as a “suggestion” of what should be done to certain people and certain “friends.”  THAT is not a “criticism.”  That is blatant racism in its purest form and if WordPress does not find this offensive, it baffles me as to their reasoning.

I understand that he is now targeting several readers who commented on my post about him.  Again, by doing that, he just proves what a fucking coward he is.

To those readers, I apologize.  You didn’t deserve to be a victim of this animals’ vomit.

Hatred is a cowards’ revenge for being inadequate.”


29 thoughts on “Response From WordPress About the Racist Comment

  1. Hey Laurel, don’t take on the guilt that he went after your friends, like me, lol. He’s a small-minded hater, and we can take it, lol. And give it back….. I wrote my piece about him, and blocked him. I haven’t seen anything from him since, no comments left in trash. It affords us the opportunity to take a stand and be heard, and our voices will always be louder than his, there will always be more of us than there are of them.

    I am surprised at WP’s response. Seriously. I get that they probably don’t like censoring their bloggers, but when they are espousing hate and violence against anyone, there comes a time they should just step in and say, “you can’t do this here.” But since they won’t, we all will……

    Big hugs to you!

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  2. I expected more of WP. But, I firmly believe that regardless of WP’s actions or non-actions after complaints, we need to report. Report means, we do not condone this behaviour.
    Thanks Laurel!


    • I agree. We should report people like this. There’s a difference between a troll or somebody trying to “sell” services. This kind of racial hatred is not acceptable. I understand that he is allowed to post whatever he likes on his own blog but none of us wish to be “fertilized” with his shit.

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  3. The response from WordPress really pisses me off. I know that sometimes we should just let things go, not worth the fight, but I personally would have a hard time not going right back to WordPress and letting them know exactly what I thought.


    • I should have probably just ignored the asshole but if you let a bully get away with it, he will just continue. They need to be taken to task for their bullshit…and having suffered a bully for more than forty years, that’s exactly what I do now. 🙂

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