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WARNING – Racist, Incendiary Comment

This is a comment that was left on my blog this morning.


This ice pick guy needs to get his shit together and start stabbing niggers. A public service. PS: give your nigger friend Aunt Jemima my best.

To Hitler (aka/vikingstrongman/vikingdeadlifter):

This is not a validation of your pathetic existence nor is my response in any way, an indication that I am dignifying this horrific, sickening comment.

You are an ignorant, racist, scumbag, bottom-feeding, mouth-breathing, low-life, chicken-shit, piece of trash.  I’d be willing to bet that you are a sniveling mamas’ boy coward, trying to use bullying tactics in an effort to hide your inadequacies and most likely, your impotence.

Did your inbred mama by any chance, teach you to put on your panties by saying, “brown spot goes in the back, yellow spot goes in the front?”

A petition should be started, encouraging the castration of vermin like you. That would be a blessing for all of humanity so as to wipe out your vile, disgusting seed forever.

“This ice pick guy?”  How do you know it’s a guy?  It may be…it may not be. One thing is for sure.  The ice pick killer, no matter the gender, needs to find you.

Crawl back under your rock where you belong.

I am not A bitch.

I am THE bitch and you…you belly-crawling maggot… just fucked up.

39 thoughts on “WARNING – Racist, Incendiary Comment

    • Yes I do, sis. That’s why it enraged me and I just couldn’t let him get away with it. I’m so sorry you had to encounter that scum. He’s still reading my blog and then re-blogging what I write, and that’s okay. We can only sit and wait for Karma to get him. 🙂

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  1. Laurel you’re so bad ass. It’s encouraging the way you put people in their place and the part you stated (Did your inbred mama by any chance, teach you to put on your panties by saying, “brown spot goes in the back, yellow spot goes in the front?”) was freaking hilarious. He deserved it!


  2. OMFG. You go girl. I really loved the brown spot on the back and the yellow spot on the front. I may have to use that one day in my day-to-day conversation.


  3. Damn It girl. I go out of town for a few days and all hell breaks out. You have got to fill me in on this one. You had outstanding swagger on that one. Goodness. I changed e-mail marshallwthompsonsr@gmailcom P.S. I got bail money If you need It! Peace, Marshall


  4. The ignorance and stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me. He sounds uneducated; don’t waste your time on him. You’ve done the right thing by reporting him to WP. If they don’t do something about it, I’m sure the Press will… Love P. x


  5. I checked him out, he is one fu!ked up individual! He is full of hate for everyone but his one supposed race. Didn’t anyone ever educate him that God created everyone equal. Maybe the devil will when they are burning…. Hate is all he is about, so that makes him the big man? Ha!

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