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The Ice Pick Killer – Chapter Eight

The next day Burke, Powell and Slaughter were called into Captain Meade’s office for a briefing.

Looking at Powell, Captain Meade asked “what have you got, kiddo?” Powell shook his head and said “nothing, nada, zip, zilch, zero…what the little boy shot at in the dark.  The telephone company is working on getting a list of all the numbers incoming and outgoing and they’ve promised to at least have Jackson’s and possibly the Moore’s by the end of the week.”

“How about you, Burke?”

“We’ve got computer geeks trying to hack into their emails.  They can find them even if they’ve been deleted but depending on how they used their computers, those spaces could have been filled in with other files. Then of course, there is no way to retrieve them.”

“Family members and friends are trying to come up with a list of acquaintances but you know, Captain, not all family members and friends know everything.  I mean, my father wouldn’t be able to tell you who my friends are.  Hell, Captain.  Do you know who my friends are?”

“You have friends?” asked Captain Meade.  Burke sneered and said “very funny, Captain.”

Captain Meade said “seriously, I don’t want suppositions and excuses. I want results.”

“Slaughter, what have you got?”

“I got some pretty interesting information about Østergaard but nothing that could link him to any of the other victims and apparently I talked to ‘the most interesting man in the world’.”  She and Burke looked at each other and simultaneously laughed out loud.

Captain Meade said “okay, what am I missing here?”  Powell was wondering the same thing.  What had happened between Burke and Slaughter?

Slaughter said, “I just interviewed some jackass who thought he was Gods’ own gift to the world but he didn’t know anything.  I imagine standing in front of a mirror, singing ‘Mr. Big Stuff” all day long would preclude any inclinations he had toward murder.”
Again, she and Burke shared a glance and laughed.

Powell, observing a never before seen interaction between them thought to himself “and so it begins.”

Captain Meade’s phone rang and before he answered it, he instructed them to “get out there and find something.”

While they were making plans for their next step, Captain Meade called them back into his office.  The color seemed to have drained from his face as he was wiping sweat from his forehead.  Grasping his Bible, he hesitated a few seconds before saying, “we’ve got a tenth, guys.”

Powell said “are you fucking serious?”  Captain Meade said “yes, I’m serious and kiddo…how many times have I told you that I don’t like that kind of language?”
“Sorry Captain,” said Powell.

“Alright, who’s going?”

“Slaughter and I will go,” Burke said, as they looked at each other and smiled.

Powell couldn’t hide his irritation.  Before Slaughter came on the scene, it was always Burke and Powell.  The go-to team.  The cracker-jack team. The A-team.  The dynamic duo.
Now, it was Burke and Slaughter and Powell was feeling like he was going to be relegated to nothing more than their glorified secretary.

Captain Meade said “okay.  Powell, you stay on top of everything here. You need to get started on another warrant and I’m thinking this one is going to be damn near impossible.”

“Why is that Captain?” asked Powell.
What he really wanted to say was “why not put Wonder Woman on it?  She doesn’t seem to have any problem getting what she wants.”

The first sign of the green-eyed monster was emerging.

“Freedom of information only goes so far,” Captain Meade said.  “We may be talking about sensitive and confidential information that could potentially destroy somebody’s reputation, cause a scandal or even put somebody in harms’ way.”

“I don’t understand,” Powell said.

Captain Meade picked up the local newspaper from his desk and said “this guy was the editor.”



To be continued____________________

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