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The Feisty Four – Chapter Nine

Just as Tut-Tut arrived, Julie had to make her apologies.  She needed to get home to make dinner for her three.  After a few minutes Amy made her exit, citing a looming deadline for the first draft of her next novel.

The three girls kept up with each other and would have other meetings so none of them were disappointed.  Julie and Amy had bared their souls to Irene but they left not knowing any more about her than they had known in high school.  She had always been a very private person and they had long ago accepted that fact.

The exception was Tut-Tut.  Her enigmatic connection with Irene, albeit from a distance, had never diminished.  They knew each others’ secrets and their loyalty to each other had never wavered.

Things with Tut-Tut and Jeffrey hadn’t worked out.  He had gone to college in another state and their relationship suffered.  It ultimately ended due to the distance but they had remained friends.  Sometimes, they would get together for drinks, if they were both in town at the same time.

One day on a whim, Tut-Tut had entered a modeling contest and was noticed by a fashion photographer.  After a few meetings, a successful and highly lucrative career was launched.

She had graced the covers of several magazines and was known almost globally as the “peekaboo girl.”  Due to the scar under her eye, her face was always turned slightly to the right which lent an air of mystery to her photographs.  Veronica Lake had the “peekaboo hairstyle” and Tut-Tut had the “peekaboo pose.”

She had never married.  She said “traveling takes a toll on you” and then smiled and said “but I’ve had a good time.”  She had seen the world but not in the way she had dreamed of seeing it as a little girl.  She saw it sitting in a seat rather than walking up and down the aisle, offering assistance and comfort to the souls on board.

She had kept her looks and figure through the years and was what many would describe as a “handsome woman.”

Irene had taken over the family business and therefore, inherited the family wealth.  The business took her all over the country and sometimes, “across the pond” as she liked to say.  Sometimes, she was given only a moments’ notice while other times, careful planning was in order.  Only Tut-Tut knew what the family business was.

After a few minutes, Tut-Tut asked Irene if she was “still traveling.”  Irene told her that she was but not as much.  “We’re getting older and like you said, traveling takes a toll on you.”

“So you have retired?”  Tut-Tut asked.  “Basically, yes but I take an occasional job now and then if it’s offered,” said Irene, “just to keep from being bored.”

Looking down, Tut-Tut put her hand on Irenes’ arm.  Several seconds later, she said “I want you to know that I appreciate what you did for me.”

Irene put her hand on Tut-Tuts’ hand and smiled.

Tut-Tut asked Irene if she had ever been unsuccessful in the business. Irene didn’t miss a beat when she smiled and said “never.”

“Do you miss that life?” questioned Tut-Tut.  “I do.  I really do,” Irene said. She then leaned forward and grinned like the Cheshire cat when she said “I mean…I haven’t killed anybody in almost three years!”



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