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The Feisty Four – Chapter Seven

As the chauffeur drove away, the girls headed toward the teachers’ house. Reeny asked them how they had gotten there and Julie said her mother had reluctantly dropped them off down the street “to get some information for a project” from another student and would return in two hours.

As they walked, it occurred to them that they didn’t really know how to roll a house.  They had only heard other people talking about it.  The one thing they did know was that they needed to work under the cover of darkness and it was fast approaching.

Tut-Tut looked at Reeny and said “maybe you can hold one end and I’ll walk around the house and we’ll wrap it.” That didn’t make any sense to Amy and seemed a certain way to be seen, so she came up with the idea of throwing the rolls over the house.  That didn’t work because they didn’t loosen the first square and half of their supply ended up laying on top of the roof.

They only had two hours before the chauffeur and Julies’ mother returned and they had already wasted half that time.  Suddenly, the front porch light came on and in a panic, the girls threw down the rest of their stash and started running down the street.

Hiding behind some bushes, they weren’t sure if their hysterical laughter was due to the comedy of errors or because they were terrified at having almost been caught.  What if, God forbid, they had been caught?  It was that night they decided that their criminal careers were over.

Panic set in as they wondered what would have happened.  They envisioned the dreaded grounding from their parents which would be a given, but would that happen before or after they went to prison?  They all agreed that they would not look very smart in black and white stripes and Reeny, being the fashion icon she was, would never be able to tolerate it if the stripes were askew.

They had seen movies where prisoners were chained together, had to break rocks all day long and were fed bread and water.  Not only that, but they would be known as jailbirds.  Jailbirds!  How old would they be when they finally got out, if they ever did?

Tut-Tut said “we’ll be all dried up, like a bunch of prunes!”  Julie quickly kicked her sense of humor into gear and said “think about it.”

She waved her hand as if it held a magic wand and said “in prison, Tut-Tut, you will be Homecoming Prune.  I’ll be the cutest raisin and Amy?  You will be most likely to wrinkle!”

That was enough to cut through their anxiety and the girls calmed down, just in time for Julies’ mother to show up and say “did you get what you needed?”

The next morning when they went to school, they wondered if old sourpuss had seen them.  Had she noticed the toilet paper on her roof and in her yard?  If she hadn’t seen them, had she told the principal anyway, who through some divine power would know it had been them?  By lunchtime, they breathed a collective sigh of relief when nothing was mentioned.

Feeling triumphant for having evaded the long arm of the law, the girls were talking about their plans for the summer.  A quiet, pensive moment came over them when they realized that the next year was going to be their last year of school.  The feisty four would come to a crossroad and each one of them would be choosing a different path to follow.


To be continued______________________



4 thoughts on “The Feisty Four – Chapter Seven

      • Ha! The police came to my house the next morning. I kinda did damage to her car when we sneaked it out. She thought someone had stolen it and messed it up then brought it home. So she called the police and I woke up hearing them talking. I was in Trouble…..


        • Being as poor as a church mouse, the only way I could get toilet paper was to take it from service stations. Got caught walking down the street with my brown paper bag full of my pirated booty!
          At the station, the police captain came in and I realized he was my mama and daddys’ next door neighbor! LOL
          He promised me he wouldn’t tell my daddy but he did.
          Got a pretty good “whuping” for it! LOL

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