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The Feisty Four – Chapter Four

Courtney Honeycutt, aka “Tut-Tut” was the beauty of the group.  Her blonde hair and mesmerizing clear blue eyes were upstaged only by her perfect Hollywood smile and she was often compared to a young Marilyn Monroe.  She had a figure girls envied and boys had dreams about.  She had twice been crowned Homecoming Queen but wasn’t the kind to “wear her crown all year.”

Everybody said she could be a movie star but from the time she was a little girl, her dream was to be an airline stewardess.  Her father, whom she adored, was a commercial pilot and because of that, traveled much of the time.  She believed that if she became a stewardess, she could spend more time with him.

She dreamed about the places she would go and what she would see and do.  She had never been out of the sleepy little town but knew there was a huge world out there and she intended to see it someday.  Life had not yet taught her that things didn’t always work out the way she planned.

Her dream ended one weekend a year earlier when she and her mother were hit head on by a drunk driver.  Her mother didn’t survive.  Being young and healthy, she recovered but the scar that was left under her right eye, effectively knocked her out of the skies.  Airline stewardesses were not allowed to have any facial scars and although hers had faded, it was still visible.

She watched her father fall into the bottle for a time and she, at the age of fourteen, even sought refuge in alcohol until her friends stepped in and saved her from self-destruction.

The man who hit them was the son of a wealthy entrepreneur from out-of-state.  He and his father arrived in court along with their high-profile attorney and due to a technicality, the charges were dismissed.  Tut-Tut said she never forgot that as he walked out of the courtroom, he looked over at her and winked.

You could tell when it was on her mind because a deep underlying rage was almost palpable and she would close her eyes and whisper something the other girls were sure was a curse.  Although she still went to church, she could never justify in her mind, how Gods’ mercy could have been so misplaced and secretly vowed revenge some day.

Her grief was tempered by a boy named Jeffrey Martin.  He lived in another county and went to an all Catholic boys’ school.  He gave her a promise ring right after the accident and had stood by her as she struggled with potential alcoholism and the worst, survivors’ guilt.

She was sure that as soon as they got out of school, they would get married and start a family.  It was another beautiful dream and she spent time in class, thinking about him and practicing writing “Mrs. Jeffrey Dale Martin.”

She had seen how her parents interacted with each other and she believed in love and marriage.  That was the kind of life she wanted and she knew that Jeffrey was the one she would have that life with.

Although she was extremely close to the other two girls and shared her innermost secrets with them, she found that she and Reeny seemed to have an almost ethereal connection.


To be continued……

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