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Is Today The Day?

It was a cold, raw day.  One of those days that chills you to the bone.  The drizzle from the night before hung from the trees like frozen tears.  The cloudless sky was dark and lonesome, much like she had always described the ocean.
The mountains looked dull and lifeless and seemed to have a foreboding air wafting through them, like a thick fog.

She wondered.  Is today the day?

She knew that she was eventually going to come face to face with somebody she believed had been following her for what seemed like half of her adult life.

She first noticed him at her childrens’ soccer games.  A shadowy silhouette at first but through the years, he started taking shape and she always knew when he was around because an ominous feeling would overtake her.  He seemed to be lurking in the distance, getting ever closer and closer.

She tried to ignore him, like one of those annoying headaches that hasn’t yet formed but is ready to turn into a full-fledged migraine any minute.

Several times, she thought he had gone away.  She didn’t notice him as much but then suddenly, she would see him weaving through the crowd, eyes fixed on her like a hunter stalking his prey.

She had never been afraid in the classic sense of the word, so she had never told anybody about this mysterious stranger.  As long as he kept his distance, she saw no imminent threat.

When she finally moved away, she thought she had left him behind, along with everything else in her past but it didn’t take long to realize that he had followed her.  She was seeing him everywhere and was becoming increasingly afraid.

Within the confines of her new house, she felt safe but often worried that he would show up at her front door.  If he knocked, she knew she wouldn’t answer.  If he tried to force his way in, she would have her gun, loaded with hollow-point bullets at the ready.  She would never give up and would fight him with her last ounce of strength.  He would not win.

As the sun set, she breathed a sigh of relief as she whispered “today was not the day.”

The next morning, the sun was shining.  The ground looked as if it had been sprinkled with a million diamonds.  The clouds in the sky took the form of cherubs floating on huge, white feather pillows, while a flock of birds flew by in perfect formation.

She wondered.  Is today the day?

She ventured outside, being vigilant while looking for him.  She knew he was there somewhere, watching and waiting for his chance to make himself known.  Not being armed, would she succumb to his attack?   Would she scream?  Would she fight?  With a quick about-face, she was safely back inside, hiding and hoping he would go away.  He would not win.

When evening came, she once again whispered “today was not the day.”

Days and evenings came and went and one day, she realized that she was no longer afraid.  She had accepted that he seemed to be omnipresent and he was becoming almost like a welcomed friend.

She knew that he would eventually come for her and she no longer had the desire to fight.

He would win.






17 thoughts on “Is Today The Day?

  1. Hello, sorry for writing here to reach you, but needed to reach you quickly! πŸ˜‰ You know the dates I was talking about for a certain trip..? Well, I did find a super-mega cheap flight, (crazy cheap!) so I will have to book that one right now before it vanishes… I will email you about it right now and then you can let me know what you think! πŸ™‚ hugz


  2. OMG, this is totally freaky. Stalker freaky. Invisible entity freaky. Brought back some unwelcome memories, but quickly I pushed them out of my head, along with any other thoughts I had at the moment. Wow, Laurel, you teased me and left me thirsty for more. You’re so evil. LOL.


    • I am dark and twisty but this isn’t really about a “stalker.” I figured I’d get questions like….”who was it?”
      If you think about it and “read between the lines,” I think you’ll figure it out.
      I do like to make my stories mysterious, though and leave readers scratching their heads. LOLOL


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