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Anna Claire And The Hunt – Part Two

With focused determination, Anna Claire set off on her hunt.  Grandpa watched her every move from the window and couldn’t help himself as he laughed out loud.

After about an hour, Anna Claire came inside and plopped down in the chair.  Grandpa said “well, did you get you one?”  A pouting Anna Claire said “No.  I didn’t catch a goldarned thing!”

Grandma heard her and said “Anna Claire, you ought not use words like that.”  Anna Claire said “grandpa does.” Grandma cast a disapproving look at him and said “grandpa ought not use words like that either and if he decides to jump off a bridge, are you going to jump off too?”

When Anna Claire giggled and said “maybe,” grandpa gave her a wink.  Grandma, a little miffed, said “oh, my stars and garters!  You two are going to be the death of me yet. C’mon, hop up now.  It’s time to get cleaned up for supper.”

After they sat down and started eating, Anna Claire asked grandma if she could have another poke.  Grandma said “what’d you do with the one I just gave you?”  Anna Claire hung her head and said “oh, I got mad at it and hit it with the stick until I tore it, so now it’s no count.”

Grandma said “okay then.  I’ll see if I can scare you up another one but try not to get mad at it this time.”  A smiling Anna Claire said “I won’t.  I promise.  Can I go out looking again after we’re done eating?”

“Why, it’s going to be plumb nighttime in a little while, child.  You might better wait until tomorrow,” grandma said. “Oh, please,” Anna Claire begged.

Grandma stood firm so Anna Claire looked to grandpa for help.  Looking at a stern gaze from grandma, he said “it’s a tad bit too late today but I think I heard there’s going to be full moon tomorrow night.”

Anna Claire wasn’t happy and showed it.  Grandma said “you best be mindful that you don’t trip over that bottom lip when you get up.  I told you, you can look again tomorrow.”  Anna Claire frowned when she gave a hesitant “okay.”

The next morning, she was up bright and early and ready to go on another hunt.  Grandma had to almost hog-tie her to get her sit still long enough to eat her oatmeal.

“Okay, here’s you another poke and remember what I told you yesterday.  Try not to tear this one,” grandma said. “I’ll be real careful, grandma,” Anna Claire said as she skipped through the house and out the door.

Grandpa had taken his place on the lounge in the front room and as before, watched Anna Claire through the window.  He wasn’t concerned when she slipped out of sight and after a while, called for grandma to come sit with him for a minute.

He was reading the newspaper and she had started thumbing through the latest copy of Life magazine when all of a sudden, Anna Claire came running into the house, squealing.

Grandma looked up and said “Land a Goshen, child!  What in the world?”  Anna Claire said “I caught one, grandma!  I caught one!”

She walked over with her poke and said “wanna see?”  She opened the poke and grandma and grandpa took a look. Grandma gasped and said “el, I wished I’m a die.”

As they stood there with their mouths agape in utter disbelief, Anna Claire looked up and said “can I keep it?”


der suf.



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