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The Fun Of Listing On Craigslist

I decided to put a few things on Craigslist the other day.  I thought it might provide some fodder for a post and I was right.

I listed my Ipad Air 2, that I bought a year ago and have never used.  I was paying $50.00 a month for service and I just kept thinking “what the hell am I doing?”  I cancelled my contract with Verizon because the penalty was less than the cost of continuing it for another year.

I have sold everything from cars to Hoosier cabinets in the past and have never had a problem.  I had a few of the “can you take the listing off and hold it for me because I am out of the country?  I will pay you an extra $400.00 for your trouble” and I played with them for a while.

When it came down to “where do I have your check delivered,”  I gave him the local police departments’ address and told him that I would actually be on duty that day.  Hmm.  Never heard from them again.

Yesterday, I got a text from somebody at 5:30 a.m., who had copied and pasted the add (a dead giveaway for a scammer.)  They asked for my email address because they were “at work.”  Their phone number was from Kansas City, Missouri.  (My phone number is from Florida but I don’t live there, so it was understandable.)  I responded:

“I’m at work too.  No email.  I can only text.”  I didn’t hear back from them.

The next text was exactly the same scenario, except they wanted me to email THEM.  (Their phone number was from Albuquerque, New Mexico.)

“Nope.  No emails.  Text only and FYI, you’re going to have to get up a little earlier to pull a scam on me.”  Didn’t hear back from them.

This morning, I got a text from somebody asking if the Ipad was still for sale.  Sounded legitimate so I texted back, even though the phone number was from Louisville, Ky.


My name is Leon, I’m in the United State Marine Corps (USMC) but i’m no longer in town to meet in person, I’m buying it for son in Az

“Sure you are.”  (Of course, I know that there is more than one “United State” and I certainly don’t need “USMC” in parenthesis to understand that branch of the service.  I figured the “sure you are” response would end the conversation.)  Nope. He continued:

I’m okay with the price and i’ll pay $100 for overnight shipping

“I’m going to need $500.00 for overnight shipping.  You understand.  Insurance needs to be purchased and the Ipad is worth about $700.00.  I hope you’re okay with that.  I will also need an address for your son, since the Ipad is for him.”

No worry.  Please alert as to where to send money order.  I will need you address.  If you like I can directly deposit money order into backing account of your choosing.  I’m only needing routing number.

“Great!  My account is at the First Federal Bank of Fuck you.  I’m sure they have a few of those in Nigeria.  My routing number is 666-666-666-666.  I am so looking forward to the deposit and as soon as I get confirmation, the Ipad will be in the mail!

Two minutes later I got another text from, I’m sure the same person, but this time they were “playing nice” and their English was a little more polished.  Their phone number was from Abilene, Tx.  Now, this one is really good.

I didn’t respond to the text but looked the number up anyway.  It belongs to an “escort service.”  (Now if he/she was a customer or an employee, wouldn’t you think he/she would make enough money to buy his/her own Ipad or at least be able to talk one of his/her customers into buying one for him/her?)

Two minutes later another text from, this time, New York, NY.  Since I didn’t respond to the other one, it says “I’m still interested in the Ipad.  Let me know your firm price.” (Every text is a continuing conversation but with a different telephone number each time.)

Bless their hearts.

I’m fortunate that I can block unlimited numbers on my Iphone and that will frustrate these scammers.  Like I have said before.  There are some people you just shouldn’t try to fuck with.



35 thoughts on “The Fun Of Listing On Craigslist

    • Look up their phone number. Watch out for a “copy” of your post…and if their English is broken…that’s a dead give-away. Of course, the “marine” overseas is a tip-off as well. LOL
      I got another one today and I played with him for a bit. 🙂


  1. I once listed my boat slip on Craigslist, and kept getting messages about how they would need to pick it up and ship it to Alabama or Georgia or somewhere. I messaged them back, good luck shipping a hole in the water…..

    I haven’t listed anything since, lol. Definitely the wrong venue for a boat slip.


  2. Generally speaking I’ve had good luck with Craiglist, though I’m always wary of everyone and everything on it. When I left my first marriage, I got really nice, like-new furniture for my new bachelor apartment. I paid very little and even my ex (who at that point had very little to say that was nice) was complimentary at what I bought. Likewise I bought both my washer and dryer for that apartment the same way, and both were in tip-top condition. I later sold both on Craigslist to normal, honest people.

    However, I’ve been skittish at buying electronics on it for some reason. I”m worried the devices are full of bugs (I’m probably just paranoid). And, yes, there are a lot of scammers. Did you sell the iPad yet? I might actually be interested! 🙂


    • LOL. No. I took the post down. I would probably be wary of electronics too. I almost put a copy of the last couple of bills, showing no usage but didn’t bother.
      It’s a really nice one. Been sitting in the original box since I got it…

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  4. Um, ew. I’ve NEVER used Craigslist and with your ‘recommendations’ as listed above, I now never will. However I do have to wonder what kind of responses I’d get if I were to advertise a slightly used ah..er..um..PERSONAL DEVICE for sale. Heheh. Well I get enough of those scam artists who think they’re tricky on my land-line phone without giving those idiots fodder for bugging me on line. or ‘smart’ phone (which sits here in my desk drawer, turned off, waiting for my next trip out of town).

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    • LOL. That’s a good idea. I wonder what responses you’d get too.
      I don’t have a landline and would never use it anyway.
      It’s fun to play with them but it does make it hard for legitimate buyers and sellers 😦


  5. Craigslist seems to have gotten worse regarding this type of thing.
    I have found less scammers when selling larger things than when trying to sell smaller, more easily shipped things.


    • I heard that they go for “high ticket” items. An Ipad would be easily shipped….uh…overnighted. I wish there was a way to turn them over to Craigslist but I’ve heard that they don’t care….and if you don’t fall for their scams, they flag your post and it disappears.


  6. Okay so…what is the friggin deal with Craigslist. Is it because its lawless and generally ungoverned? And why have people given up on ebay where you are actually protected???? Not tryin to sound like a wimp here but Ive only had one successful sale on CL of an Evo Slide that fucking sucked. I met the guy and it was legitimate. Blew my mind. I’ve never witnessed such dregs of society as when I tried to sell a piano on there or some of our old baby stuff! All the same crap you’re saying. What’s their angle and who *ARE* these people!?@?@?!

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    • Well, it’s close to Christmas, so I guess scammers need money. I sold a washing machine and dryer last summer and didn’t get a single scammer.
      I guess they think other people are desperate for money, too and it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of them.
      I’m sure there are people out there who would have fallen for the “marine.”
      Ebay? You have to give them a percentage. That’s why people use Craigslist. I just thought I’d try it and see if anything shook loose.
      There is also the aspect that the reason these scammers want you to email them, is to steal your identity. I have a fake email address that I use for this kind of thing.
      They’re just scumbags.

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