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The Hand Of Justice – Chapter One

Maude was what you might call a real character.  Everybody at the Waffle Shack loved her, even though she had only worked there for a few weeks.  She had quickly become a fixture and had made her mark.
She would gladly pick up a shift for somebody who wanted or needed some time off and was affectionately called “moms” by the younger employees.

She looked to be in her mid-sixties and if you were being gracious, she could be described as “a stout woman.”  Short, curly grey hair framed her face and her pink, horn-rimmed, rhinestone-studded glasses, looked like a throwback from the glamorous golden age.

Her favorite customers were a group of policemen who stopped by every morning before their watch.  They always left her two dollars each, whether they had time for a full breakfast or simply relished a cup of fresh coffee that she had brewed just for them.  She took to calling them “her boys.”

There was Richie, Chris, Gary and Floyd.  Floyd was the seasoned old-timer and was just a few short years away from retirement.

Amidst the chatter of their walkies, they talked and told jokes.  Floyd, having been around the longest, knew the best ones.  He would have the other guys literally rolling in the booth with laughter.
Maude thought it must be a sort of release because she knew the kind of dangers and ugliness that they faced every day.

Richie was married to a wonderful woman that he absolutely adored, named Kathleen.  They met in high school and theirs’ was what everybody called the perfect marriage.

Chris was a tall, handsome young sprout who as he put it, was “single, free and on the prowl.”

Floyd was divorced, had two grown children and five grandchildren.  As he proudly showed pictures of each one, he said “grand-babies will either keep you young or send you to an early grave.”

Gary and his wife, Grace had been married for three years and were expecting their first baby.  They decided not to learn the sex of the child because they wanted it to be a surprise.  Gary took some good-natured teasing and suffered the threat of getting a football with a pink ribbon tied around it at the baby shower that weekend.

Floyd asked Maude once if there was a “Mr. Maude or any little Maude-etts at home.”  She just smiled and said “no.”

Chris had been the one who said “Maude, your voice doesn’t match you.”  When she asked him what he meant, he said “your voice just doesn’t match you.”

Maude said “honey, I have heard that all my life.  I have these young whippersnappers flirting with me on the telephone when I’m ordering something and then they tell me they want to make the delivery personally.  I just laugh and tell them they will be mighty disappointed when they get here.”

Gary asked her what brought her to this “miserable” place.  She said “It used to be home.  I grew up in a house just on the other side of the hill.  My great-great-great-grandfather built the house and you know what?  He still lives there.”

It took her boys a few seconds to get that she was pulling their leg.  They laughed as they threw down the two dollar tips and said “that was a good one, Maude.”

As they were walking out, she heard one of the walkies say “code 10-72 and watched as Chris ran to his patrol car.”



To be continued_______________________



76 thoughts on “The Hand Of Justice – Chapter One

  1. Wow! A mysterious story again, I love it! 🙂 I love the questions (about the plot and the characters) which are forming in my head when I read your mystery stories. 🙂 🌸🌼🌻⚘


      • I havent gotten much so far from my tired brain lol, I am basically just wondering things like who the heck is Maude, she seems very cool but also scary, perhaps she is Karma in disguise… and also, something bad will happen to one of the police officers perhaps, but what… hmm many questions, no answers. 🙂 🌸


              • Yep! 🙂 Oh no, I am hoping more for the scenario that one of the cops is a bona fide narcissist behind a polished exterior; a dirty cop who cheats on his wife and is totally selfish. And then Maude is Karma in disguise who has showed up with…. * drum roll * the BILL! Haha. He better pay up!!! 🙂 😂


                  • Now YOU are way too nice… I was thinking more along the lines of she makes him lose his career, his wife and his house! Like that movie from the 80’s or 90’s with Roseanne Barr (?), I forget the name of the movie… i hooe you have seen it!!! It is great. Anyway. Maude should make the narc cop see as his wife struts around town with her new guy, and narc cop feels soooooo empty and alone… and sorry for himself. Until he starts feeling actual remorse… and wants to change…then BAM he gets hit by a bus! Lol, you see that I am not “too nice” anymore, lol!! 😂 Good night 🙂


                    • Are you talking about She-Devil? I never watched that movie. I can only take Rosanne little snippets at a time. LOL
                      That idea might have to come to fruition in another story…besides, you know how I like to be dark and twisty….remember…chainsaws and wood chippers?
                      Getting hit by a bus is WAY to kind! LOL


                    • I havent checked for a while , there has been a total snow chaos where I live. The whole capital is effed up and people have been stuck on the roads for 6 hours now. I am leaving work now with a colleague in his car, we have been forced to stay at work for 4 hours after we got off work, cause the roads are jammed all over. There has been an extreme snow fall. The buses are cancelled for the rest of the evening. Usually by car it would take 30 mins to my home but now I expect we will sit on the roads for hours so I will get home like 9 hours after I got off work, lol… so guys have been the last thing on my mind, it is like a disaster feeling here, even if it is just snow, you are really stuck! Babies have had to be delivered by cops on the roads! That is how bad it is. Lol!!!


                    • Lawdy mercy! I hope you make it home before you turn 70! LOL. There’s been a chaos over here but not because of snow. LOL (I guess you’ve heard.) I understand that a man would be the last thing on your mind right now. They wouldn’t be too high on my list right now, either if I was stuck in a snow storm!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Oh if I were financially independent you can be sure I would try and go live over there. Perhaps somewhere warm, in the south. 🙂
                      This was the “worst snowfall in November” my country has seen in 111 years (!). Meaning it is too damn early for snow to go Armageddon on our as ses. Lol. They say it feel 15 inches/ about 40 cm of snow in one day. 😨 Hihs


                    • That’s some shit! 111 years? I think my area had the warmest October and beginning of November than we’ve had in boo coo long time. It’s getting a little chillier now but they say it’s going to be a “dry” winter 😦

                      Liked by 1 person

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