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Email To Hacker

To Binary H.

Hello.  I was referred to you by Correina, who was very pleased with your services and says that you can help me.

Like her, I am worried that my husband may be cheating on me.  We have five children and their daddy doesn’t seem to want to be at home much anymore.  He works late and when he comes home, he smells like perfume and his shirt looks like it has make-up on it.

I have all the information you need.  I have his work phone number, his cell phone number, his Facebook and Whatsapp sign in names as well as Ebay and Paypal.

These can all be provided to you for the low price of only $19.95!

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  If you respond within then next 15 minutes, the same information about my mother-in-law can be yours as an added bonus (just pay a small handling fee of $4.95.)

This special offer is only being extended to a select few……so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Send that response!

I accept personal checks, money orders and all major credit cards!

Complete and accurate information is guaranteed, so don’t wait!  Get it now!


Ms. Jack Golf


27 thoughts on “Email To Hacker

  1. I got this shit too. Idiots. I guess they scan for the word “cheater” or “asshole husband” and just pick the lucky ones to comment such bullshit. Redic. Trying to make a buck of my pain. Too bad, I didn’t need all that high tech stuff to bust him, cheating men aren’t that smart, but I am 👍🏻😋✌🏻️!


    • You know…I bet that’s exactly what they do! If they had half a brain, they’d actually read the blogs they are trolling and find out that (like you said) we didn’t need a hacker! We were smart enough to catch the scumbags ourselves!

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  2. Is this a big joke…
    Or for real 😳…


    Hey.. if you seek.. you will find..

    If you ask questions.. you will definitely get an answer..

    And most times it only serves to make it worse than better..

    Something’s are best left unknown.. and alone..

    Try to trust your husband. And stop ✋ making your mind work over time being suspicious 😒..
    as long as he comes home 🏡 to you every night..
    He is yours..
    some woman like to flirt and I’m sure your husband is fine..
    and probably too nice to be mean..
    don’t you ruin a good thing for being suspiciously stupid…


      • because they dont really care. they work on volume and an amount of it is automated. and if you piss them off, they generally have more ways to harass you than you have to harass them.

        i’ve called some scammers back in the past, but it really does no good.


            • These trolls and scammers make perfect fodder for humor.
              My favorite was when I actually did communicate with one of them. I baited the scammer over a course of several days. (I was actually copying the emails to the FBI as I was sending them.)
              When it came down to them actually “sending” me the information on how to get my money (after I paid the fees) they asked for all of my personal information.
              I sent it to them.

              Name: Michele Obama
              Address: 1500 Pennsylvania Ave.
              Phone Number: (202) 456-1111
              Occupation: First Lady
              Funny….I never heard from them again.


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