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Correina, Correina!

This comment was in response to my post about “Rose.”

Poor Rose.  All those years she spent standing in the corner of that teen center was because she was suspicious that her “man” was being unfaithful.  Ah!  If she had only known Correina.  She could have hired Binary H. to quell her doubts.  (As far as I recall, and I have total recall, there was nothing in that story that even hinted about unfaithfulness but I guess this reader missed that part.)

Here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to use one of my trash emails and send Binary H. a message.  It will say this:

“I have five little children at home and lately, my husband doesn’t seem to want to spend any time with us.  He is staying out later and later and when he comes home from work, he smells like perfume and has smears on his shirt that look like make-up.  If I say anything about it, he yells at me and says that I am crazy.”

“He won’t let me see his phone and he keeps his computer at work.  The other day, I was cleaning out his car and I found an earring that didn’t belong to me.  I didn’t say anything to him because I didn’t want to make him mad.”

“Please, please.  Can you help me?  I am desperate.”

“P. S. Correina says to tell you that she is forever grateful for your service.”


After the initial contact and he/she responds “I can help you,”  I’ll send an answer.  It will say this:

“I’m not married.  I have no children.  You got scammed!”

i was being suspicious of my husband,and i was referred to Binary H.
who turns out to be an online private investigator and professional
hacker who helped me hack into my husbands mobile and gave me a
spyware tool which i used to monitor all ongoing activities on his
phone without him knowing.and guess what my hunch was right because
i saw him cheating on his whatsapp and facebook.thanks to Binary H.CONTACT him on : Binaryhacker016@gmail.com
tell him carreina is forever grateful for his service.

11 thoughts on “Correina, Correina!

  1. The proper response to an alleged adultery, is not to commit a crime yourself. Although most prosecutors won’t touch cases like these between husbands and wives, it’s still a felony in a lot of states to use that kind of software unless the phone is actually your property.

    That aside, I’m too out of it to tell if this is part of something real or just a story, due to changing TSH.

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