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Another Hacker For Hire

Apparently, “Micheal Derik” read the post dedicated to Doris Brown and felt compelled to offer “hisservices but this time it wasn’t to catch a cheating husband.  (Did that on my own.)

I’m looking at the spelling of “his” name and wondering if “his” parents were real rebels or if “he” just doesn’t have the smarts to be able to spell “his” own fake name correctly.  Or could “his” real name be Paul Bradley?  I’m a little confused.

Which email address am I supposed to use when I decide to commit a cyber-crime and possibly become a felon by hiring “somebody” to hack into somebodys’ email or Facebook account?

“He” also offers “financial services.”  Does that mean I can hire “him” to clean out somebody’s bank account?  “He” lists some sort of link to a Facebook address.  I’m not on Facebook but if I was and I checked, would “he” show up as a “hacker for hire?”  It that even legal?

I love the “we aim to serve you better.”  Better than what?  Better than the last “hacker” who offered their services?  I think I would need a more detailed definition of that promise before I entertained hiring you.

And, who’s “we?”  How many of you are there?  Let’s see.  So far, there has been Doris and “Cyberlord” and now, there’s Micheal and Paul.  (It’s interesting that Michael and Paul were names I used in one of my stories, but I didn’t misspell Michael.)

A couple of possibilities come to mind.  Either “he’s” just your run-of-the-mill con artist troll…or “he” is somebody who intimately knew and still knows a convicted felon…or “he’s” somebody who has access to a computer geek who knows how to spoof an email address and it’s a fishing ploy to…set a trap, maybe?

Maybe I should email “him” and say “hey!  Stupid head!  I was born in the morning but I wasn’t born THIS morning!  You’re going to have to get up a little bit earlier to make me fall for this crap.”

So…fuck you very much but I’m not interested.

Micheal Derick
Need Financial or Cyber Services? Hire a reliable hacker for discrete custom cyber services, from wire transfer (bank account funds transfer, western union/moneygram transfer/debit/credit card top up to discrete hack services. Do contact: Paul.bradley299@gmail.com or text: +14843905131.
We aim to serve you better…..

73 thoughts on “Another Hacker For Hire

  1. Hello again friend 😊 see my 2 emails from Wednesday about our Thelma and Louise thing? 😁 I got most of it figured out, actually, almost all the nights of the trip, except a few nights (4 nights), which we would have to talk about how to solve/where to look for accomodation etc. (It alll depends a lot on if we will have a car or not, aswell).

    You could get back to me when you have read my 2 emails for further planning. I am never rushed usually, am just a bit worried that places book up so very fast I’ve found, in this little part of the world. Lol. I wrote you here on this old post of yours, so no one sees our evil plans and schemes LOLOL.

    I am in the Caribbean by the way! 😄 Talk to you later in the upcoming weekend perhaps. Hugs!!


  2. Laurel was this an email or a spam comment received on your blog? The reason I ask is while these communications are annoying there is a way to have them be sent directly to spam folders so you don’t even see them. Every now and then one my slip through the cracks but it’s very rare. The only downside is occasionally real comments and emails can end up in spam but in my opinion it’s well worth the trouble of have a few real ones go to spam vs. receiving a ton of nonsense. I can’t believe this fool would offer hacking services–nuts!


      • Hahaha, you’re so delightfully mean!! I get all irritated to the point where I can’t think straight so I try not to look at them but I have to admit some of them are so stupid I can’t help but laugh. But it pisses me off when they do hook someone who believes their lies. I’m going to be doing a post in the future about the clowns (not the creepy ones) that send out those award certificates. My mother, who recently went into long term care for alzheimer’s kept getting them in the mail and she thought they were genuine. My blood was and still is, boiling.


        • I haven’t heard of the clown thing. I know people who would actually fall for these crooks’ antics.
          I just love to play with them. I love to bait them and then when they want my information, I tell them my name is Michelle Obama.
          For some reason….that ends the conversations. I wonder why? LOL


  3. Sigh these scammers seem to be everywhere. It makes me afraid for humanity… I always wondered who these guys really are. They must be in league with each other I guess. I hope the authorities catch every one of them in the end!


  4. A throw away email address? Not really private if your actual IP address is provided in browsing or emails.

    But if that doesn’t matter, go to yandex.com, or any of the other bazillion web based email services.


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