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Rose – Continued (2)

Hunter began to tell Franklin the story about the car.

“That car belonged to a man named Carmichael,” he said.  “Bud Carmichael.”

As soon as Hunter said that name, Franklin felt a shiver go through his body.

Not too many people knew it but Bud and Hunters’ dad had actually opened the dealership together.  It was the only one in town and everybody came there to buy their cars.

Bud kind of went off the rails when his wife died suddenly.  She had been born with a heart defect and time and rearing a child had taken its toll.  Bud hadn’t been much help because he was always trying to sell “one more car” before he called it a day.

The guilt he felt was all-consuming and he sought comfort in a bottle.  He basically turned into the town drunk.  He stopped coming to work and instead, spent all day and most of the night in bars.

He had a little girl at home but left it up to friends and neighbors to look after her.  He would leave her with anybody, if it meant he could have a drink.

He tried to stop several times and would be successful for a while but he would always go back to the booze.

By the time she was fifteen and after several more visits from Social Services, Bud came to his senses and finally quit drinking but he virtually drank all of his money away, so he had to sell his interest in the business to keep from losing his home.  He had already lost his car and even his most prized possession, which was a coin collection he had inherited from his daddy.  That had to be sold to pay off his credit cards.

He took the only job he could find, which was the manager of the local 7-Eleven.  Sobriety had made him determined to be a good father and try to make up for the time he had lost with his little girl when she was younger.

When he sold his part of the business, he made one condition.  A brand new white Ford Mustang convertible with a fiery red interior had just been delivered to their lot and Bud wanted to give it to his daughter on her 16th birthday.

Old man Phillips agreed and told Bud that he would keep it in the back lot until then, even though it was going to be a year away.  Bud knew that car was going to be a far cry from the 1940 Chevy that old man Phillips had given him.  He had named it “old Huldy” and often wondered if his daughter was ashamed to be seen in it.

But the mustang was waiting.  He wanted to give his daughter something nice and that car was going to be perfect.

Rose inherited her mothers’ heart condition and aside from being warned by her doctors to not get too excited about something, she enjoyed a full life.  She wasn’t able to take part in sports, so she focused on academics and became an outstanding student.

Franklin looked at Hunter and said “what was her name?”  Hunter said “I don’t really remember.  Seems like it was some kind of flower.”  Franklin said “Rose?”  Hunter said “that’s it.”

As Hunter rambled on, Franklin stared at the floor, remembering that night so long ago.  He was taking in everything that Hunter said, collecting the information that maybe he would later use to later fill the hole that had been left in his heart.  It wasn’t until Hunter leaned forward and said “hello” that Franklin came back to the present.  Hunter laughed and said “where did you go, man?”

Franklin said “what happened to her?”  Hunter, now distracted by a potential buyer he spotted through the window, said “what happened to who?”  Franklin said “the girl.”

Hunter said “oh.  Apparently when Bud brought her up here to get the car, as soon as she sat in the drivers’ seat, she got so excited that she went into what they called cardiac arrest.  Isn’t that a pisser?”  Franklin, said “and that happened on her birthday?”

Hunter said “yeah, I guess.  She went to the hospital but they couldn’t save her.  She never even got to drive that damn car.  Like I said, a real pisser, huh?”

Then Hunter asked to be excused so that he could go see if the person wandering around the lot was interested in a new car.  He stopped at the door and said “you let me know when you’re ready to bring that boy of yours up here.  We’ll take real good care of him.”

Franklin said “before you leave, how did you get the car back?”  Hunter said “ole man Carmichael never came back up to get it.  After almost six months, dad finally put it on the front lot but nobody would even look at it.  He didn’t think he was ever going to sell it.”

Hunter winked when he said “and then you came along.”



11 thoughts on “Rose – Continued (2)

  1. I KNEW it was something with the car! Look at me, a real hobby detective ha ha! 🙂 I am glad she got to ride in the car even if it was after death, but still, she got to do it together with a boy, as she should have gotten to do while she was alive! Maybe it was good Karma that gave her this opportunity.. 🙂


      • Nope, I am a very slow reader these days. Came home and “passed out” at 7 pm on the bed today, walking up at 10 pm only to pay my bills online and then soon try and go back to sleep again to get up at 6 am again. I only read blogs very irregularly these days cause I am so tired from starting my company. Also it is dark outside when I go to work and dark when I leave for home (Since it is fall and soon winter), so I get no daylight at all basically, that makes me reeeeally tired lol. I will try and talk a bit about the starting of my company in a post some time.
        Ok sorry for rambling about all that, anyways: I am really looking forward to reading the end about the Rose story! I bet it is great. With a twist!! 😁


        • DO write about about your new company.
          It’s getting winter here too. I used to love it when winter came and the time changed. It meant two things…it wouldn’t be ten thousand degrees (I was in Florida) and….Christmas was coming!
          Now…I don’t give a shit…LOL

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yep, will do. Hahaha, ten thousand degrees 😁 I would love that right now, cause it is quite annoying when it gets cold in the mornings. But I get what you mean, I dont like long periods of too much heat, either. I completely understand what you mean about not giving a shit… was thinking about writing a post about that too, how the seasons just pass by and how I dont really give a shit lol, but it just seemed so depressing to write just another dark post so soon. Lol. So anyway I posted the third part of the Norway photos instead.. but I had to repost it like 3 or 4 times before it could show in the WordPress Reader finally today.
            I will read the Rose post tomorrow night I think! (Cause on Fridays I normally get to work from home, so Thursday nights are real good to snuggle up with kitten Tangle and have a blog reading Maraton:) Hugs!


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