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I saw a YouTube video on a post by Marshall W. Thompson.  He’s a Southern gent who lives in “Nawlins” and recently gave me the nickname “Chawee.”

It shows a horrific accident where a Taiwanese woman on a bicycle, gets hit by a car.  The video seems to show her “spirit” getting up and standing there for a few seconds.  To me, it looked like a translucent shadow.  Maybe that’s what a spirit looks like.

The first time I watched it, I thought “what the hell are they talking about?  A man clearly went over and put his arm around her.”

The second time I watched it, I noticed the woman laying on the ground and the shadow seemed to leave her body while she was still moving.  I saw what looked like the man putting his arm around her again…but the shadow does seem to dissipate after that.

I’ve heard creepy stories and I’ve seen a few creepy things.  I’ve even had creepy things happen to me but this was really, really creepy!

Was is real?  I don’t know.  I know I thought a lot of things were real and because of that, I ended up looking and feeling like the biggest fucking fool who has ever walked Earth.  You know, all those things that you can’t see…love, trust, fidelity, honor and integrity.

But, if it is true and our spirits do emerge as shadows, then here’s what I would like to happen to my shadow before I go wherever I end up going.

I’m not talking about ala Ghost Whisperer, where my shadow would come back and tell you where I hid the key to the safe deposit box or where the insurance policy is and then have it culminate in a collective, teary-eyed farewell boo hoo.

NO!  I’d want to hunt a few people down! 


If I couldn’t beat the shit out of them, then I’d want to scare the shit out of them….sort of like Patrick Swayze did in Ghost.

I’d want to have kinetic powers so that my shadow could throw a few beer cans at them…or write “Boo” on the mirror in the bathroom…or flick their tiny little do-dad while they were in the shower…or type “you’re next” on their computer.  Maybe my shadow could hide their snuff can…or their cigarettes…or their little blue pills…or their hair dye.

People fuck with you when you’re alive.  It’s only fair that your shadow should be able to fuck with them after you’re dead.

It would be hysterical to watch their eyes bulge out of their heads or hear them holler when they went running out of the house, screaming like a couple of little girls.

Imagine listening to them yell “who are you”…knowing that it’s you and knowing that they have no idea that it’s you.  That would be hilarious!

After a sufficient amount of my shadows’ shenanigans, I’d picture them sitting around and one of them asking “what is going on?”  The other would most likely say “who knows?”

It’s then that I would lean over and whisper “the shadow knows.”


36 thoughts on “Creepy

  1. That would be creepy! You and I share a thing..a horrific childhood that nobody should have to live through. In different ways it’s (apparently) shaped us into who we are today. And I’m saddened for you. Some wise (ass?) person said once “The best revenge is living well” and it’s true. (well for me). I carried around a burden of hate and revenge thinking for a very long time. Imagined what I’d do to those who had wronged me. It was eerily close to what you imagine now. Hunting them down, spitting on them, kicking them in the crotch repeatedly, every manner of ill will I could dream up. And I’m going to say something that may sound harsh, but it’s true and I believe one day you’ll find out for yourself. Carrying all that around with me, hating ghosts (because our tormentors and people who’ve wronged us) ARE ghosts; started to make me into someone I didn’t like. Someone like ‘them’. F*ck that noise! They had one shot (or many) at ruining my life damned if I would give them power over me when they weren’t even there. Make me into one of their evil kind. You have to let it all go and forgive them. Yep. Enjoy your life now while you’ve got time and show ‘them’ that they never had any power over you at all. And I know that probably sounds preachy and it’s none of my business to tell you how to live at all. Did you ever see “What Dreams May Come?” To ME? That’s the way it will end and the place I will go. We are made up of energy come right down to it…our bodies are merely clay and will rot. It’s the inside that counts..the shadow or spark or whatever it is that animates that clay. And that substance? No waste of skin loser on the planet can touch it except us, ourselves. They can’t touch it. Only we have the power to become the wonderous beings I believe we were meant to be. Good luck on your journey, I think this blog is awesome and you share some very meaningful things. And that’s a great way to show ‘them’.

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    • I do live well…thanks to him and his former salary and my memory (things he tried to hide, thinking I had forgotten about them.)
      I think about revenge all the time…but I don’t act on it. It’s always a desire but I guess it would be too much trouble to try to get it. LOL I don’t think that gives Loser control. The control he wanted was to know where I was. I took that control away from him (although now, I’m pretty sure he and that WTC know where I am.)
      Thank you for your compliments and for reading my blog. 🙂

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