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Funny Things

Have you ever completely misheard the lyrics of a song?  These are a few of the songs that my children and I got wrong.

Gladys Knight and the Pips’ song “Midnight train to Georgia.”
I always thought it was the “Big Black train to Georgia.”

Carly Simons’ line, “wife of a close friend” in the song “You’re so vain.”
#2 thought it was “wife of a postman.”  I thought it was “why form a close friend.”

The Rolling Stones song “Honkey Tonk Woman” that begins “I met a gin soaked barroom queen in Memphis.”
#4 thought they said “I met a Jitso Faro Queen in Memphis.”

The line in the Rolling Stones song “Jumpin Jack Flash” that says “I was raised by a toothless bearded hag.”
I thought they said “I was raised by a two fist bearded hag.”

Creedence Clearwater Revivals’ song “Who’ll stop the rain?”
#4 thought they were saying “whose got the ring?”

Stevie Wonders’ song “Superstition” and the line “superstition ain’t the way.”
I thought he said “Gigolo filter IS the way.”

Simon and Garfunkels’ song “The Boxer” has a line that says “the whores on seventh avenue.”
#1 thought they were saying “War zone seventh avenue.”

Aretha Franklins’ song “You make me feel like a natural woman.”
#1 thought she was saying “You make me feel like a Manchural woman.”

The song Gloria by Laura Branigan says “I think they’ve got the alias that you’ve been living under.”
I thought she said “I think they’ve got the area that you’ve been living under.”

The song “Good Thing” by the Young Cannibals.
I thought they were singing “Guilty.”  (funny that I would, in my mind, translate the words good thing for guilty.  Must have subconsciously suspected something.)

I think we’ve all heard the Jimmy Hendrix line “excuse me while I kiss the sky.”  It was often misunderstood as “excuse me while I kiss this guy.”

And “take the back right tire” was in fact “Paperback writer” by the Beatles.

On to more funny stuff.

I was flipping through the channels on television the other night, trying to avoid commercials and the ever-present political crap.  I happened to stop on the game show “Family Feud.”  I never watch that show but I watched a few episodes when Richard Dawson was the host, many years ago.

Steve Harvey read a question for the 2 vying contestants to try to come up with the best answer and the fastest.

One of the contestants and I both heard this question.  “What kind of soup would not be appropriate for the office?”
I immediately thought “tomato.”  The male contestant hit the buzzer first and said “chicken noodle.”

After everybody picked themselves up off the floor because they were laughing their eyes out, Steve read the question again.  This was the actual question.  “What kind of SUIT would not be appropriate for the office?”

That prompted me to remember some more hilarious answers from the past.

Richard Dawson:  “What is something you feel before you buy it?
Answer from contestant:  “Excited.”

Richard Dawson:  “What month does a pregnant woman start to show?”
Answer from contestant:  “November.”

Richard Dawson:  “Name a part of the body that begins with an N.”
Answer from contestant:  “Knee.”


37 thoughts on “Funny Things

  1. http://www.amiright.com/misheard/song/blindedbythelight.shtml

    I believe this is the most mangled song ever. Absolutely hysterical. I highly recommend reading this for a full on belly laugh.

    My little guy thought/thinks that the line after “baby you’re a firework” in Katy Perrys so he is in Spanish. He even sings it in Spanish. But its not, and we have no Spanish speakers in our home, little guy included. But he still belts out his Spanish version of “come on show me what you’re worth” I think those are the lyrics, he’s got the whole family confused now.


  2. Years ago I read an article in the Utne reader about the song “blinded by the light” and what people thought the lyrics were. I just remember laughing so hard I couldn’t read them out loud, tears and everything. I don’t remember too many magazine articles but when you get so tickled you can’t stay in your chair it’s memorable! I’ll see if I can find a link, but it was probably 24 yrs ago..


    • I should do another post about it….including the comments from other readers. LOL I remember hearing that song by John Mayer…”waiting on the world to change.” I thought he said “waiting on the welfare train.”


  3. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. This is a bad morning as it was a bad night.
    I will pick myself up again and keep on swimming….”just keep swimming”


  4. Thank you for the chuckle! My son at about 5 had a Star Wars book that had a button you pushed for the different characters each time they appeared in the story. It was alwsys a line from the movie that was famous. The Obewan Kenobe button always said (of course) “may the force be with you. “. My son argued with me for so long that he was saying “may the force be wickula. ” lol.

    Guess he would have fit right in. Lol.


  5. These were great! “Two fist bearded hag.” 🙂 My own misheard lyrics are the following:

    Four Tops: Bernadette. I heard “Burn to Death!”

    Bee Gees: Run to Me. The line goes, “Run to me, if you need a shoulder.” I heard, “Run to me, if you need a show girl.”


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