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My post “On Being Second” got a “very poor” rating!  Glad to know I didn’t hurt the cowards’ feelings!  Can’t wait for the next one!
Let’s see.  Does your first name start with a B or an S or a J or a V or an R?

6 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. Still don’t get how people rate – maybe it’s a desktop thing? I use the app on my phone. I wouldn’t give this person any attention. Could they be doing it by accident? I wouldn’t even know where to look for ratings


    • It’s at the very bottom of my posts. There’s the option to “press this” or “twitter” it or “reblog” or “rate this.” I have seen it on other peoples’ blogs. I have no idea how it got on mine but I’m not going to take it off. (I don’t know how to anyway.) I doubt seriously that it is being done “accidentally.”


    • Nope. If it was a follower or somebody who logged in with their email address, then yes. You don’t have to do either of those to rate a post. My friend went on and was able to rate it as just an anonymous reader. Like I said, it just shows what a coward they are. LOL


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