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The Mystery Of The Birdbath

When I first moved here, I put a bird bath in my back yard.  It’s a heavy, solid concrete bird bath, consisting of a base and the top.  I came home one day and the top had been taken off and turned upside down.  Now, this top probably weighs as much as I do, so the idea that a squirrel or one of my neighbors’ cats could have toppled it, is not a possibility.  It wasn’t broken nor was there a divot in the ground that this heavy top would have certainly created, had it “fallen.”

The next thing I noticed was a car, driving slowly by and then stopping in front of my house.  There was a woman sitting in the drivers’ seat…taking pictures.  She took pictures of the side of my house and then the front.

My mailbox was knocked over while I was in Florida.  Then there were the men who were quizzing me while I was mowing my neighbors’ yard.

Everything was okay for a while.  I moved my bird bath to the front yard, thinking my neighbors would be likely to see anybody messing around with it.

On September 18th, I walked out to the front yard to pick up stray limbs and what did I see?  My bird bath had been turned upside down again.  It was placed on top of one of the little rabbits I had put around it.  Again, there was no divot, nor was the little rabbit smashed.  Had that top fallen on it, it would have been shattered.

I keep thinking to myself “I know it’s not Loser.  He is just not that kind of person.”  Now, the WTC?  Possibly…given the things she said about me while she was making sure that I knew that she was marking her territory.  I just keep thinking “it can’t be Loser.”
But…again….I think back to some of the things Loser did in the past.  Things that were so out of character (I thought.)  He was gone so much, who knows what he did…aside from the obvious, which was to cheat.

The first time he surprised me was when I was trying to fix dinner one afternoon.  I had a screaming migraine headache and I just remember thinking “if I can just get dinner made before I die.”  Loser was playing his guitar and was as drunk as a skunk.  It never occurred to him to help me.

#1 and #2 were out in the front yard, supposedly watching #4.  They decided to walk down the street to a friends’ house and left #4 by himself.  He started waking around and a woman who lived down the street, picked him up and brought him back.  She walked right in the house and into the kitchen.  I had never met her but I thanked her for bringing him home.

As I was showing her out the door, she decided to let me know what she thought about my maternal instincts.  She let me have it with all four barrels.  Loser, being the coward he is, just stood there and let her berate me.  He never said one word.

But then…she started on him.  “And where were you?  Sitting there drinking your beer while your son is wandering around the neighborhood?”
That’s all it took.  He said “fuck you,” took a swig of beer and spit it in her face.  I couldn’t believe he had done that.  She got him back, though.  She kicked him so hard on the thigh, that it immediately left a mark.

Unbeknownst to me, she had called the police before she brought #4 home.  They arrived just after she kicked him and had sprinted back down the street.  The officer looked at it and said “that’s going to leave a pretty good bruise.”  The officer asked Loser if he had been drinking (duh) and Loser said “yeah, I’ve been drinking.  So what?”
When the officer said something about our son not being looked after, Loser said “well, she was fixing dinner.”  (It had to be my fault, didn’t it?)  I wonder why he didn’t say “well, I was too busy drinking to notice…and besides, it’s HER job to look after the children.  Obviously, you didn’t know that I am God.  I can’t be bothered with shit like paying attention to my son.”

The second time he surprised me was when we were leaving a party.  After I started driving home, I discovered that he had a beer in his hand.  I told him to pour the beer out immediately.  It pissed him off so he took a big gulp, crushed the can, rolled the window down and threw it into somebodys’ yard.  I pulled over, got out and picked up the can.  I gave it to him to hold and as soon as I started driving, he rolled the window down and threw it out again.

I do know that he can be covert and driven, when he wants information about somebody.  He spent forty years trying to find the girl he was involved with at Duke.  He was fooling around with her while he was engaged to his high-school sweetheart.  She was another one who left him and not knowing where she was, ate at him.

He used to come to “see me” yet he would sit at my computer for hours….searching for “her.”  He finally found her but not on my watch.  When he told me he had found her, he had a satisfied smile on his face.  That meant that he once again, has control.  He has power over her.  He knows where she is.
Tragically, like his first wife…and me…she is suffering from mental illness.  All the women who have left him are afflicted with some form of insanity.

Loser told me to not think that he couldn’t find me.  He wanted that control.  He wanted that power.  Maybe he has found me and the bird bath is symbolic somehow.  Maybe it’s a calling card of sorts, saying  “I told you I could find you and now I know where you are.”

So, I’ll leave him a calling card.  “Be very careful.  If that WTC finds out that you have found me, you will be punished, just like you were before when she found out that you had talked to me or seen me…and I know that chain she has around your balls is already pretty tight.”


29 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Birdbath

  1. Seriously?!?! Who has that kind of time?!?! How utterly lame! Anyone who goes out of their way to make their presence “known” clearly is a psychopath or a complete loser with no life of their own. I feel bad for such people (except psychopaths, no feeling bad for them) because they have no idea how insignificant they really are.


  2. God, Laurel, you made this as good as some of your serial story posts. I didn’t want it to end! 😉

    My vote is Loser. Kids in the neighborhood wouldn’t be so careful not to break anything, and this person was only trying to send a message. All of his past actions at proving a point about tracking someone, having a mind control of sorts, etc., seems to point to him. There *is* a prize if one of us guesses the culprit, right! 🙂

    A good friend of mine has an ex who did the nastiest thing to her in the waning months of their marriage: he went into her drawer, found a new pair of $80 sunglasses she had recently bought, and proceeded to scrape the glass with a sharp too of some kind. Then he put it back. Of course, she was devastated. Luckily I found an eyeglass repair place who fixed them for about $30. Still, what a creep.


    • LOL. Maybe I should write a “fictional” story about it. I still cannot believe that this sophisticated, brilliant, elegant man would do something like that. My vote is the WTC. I know Loser is so proud that she’s going to school…but he didn’t tell me it was high school! Hahahah

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    • I could and I am thinking about getting a camera. It is weird but some people are always going to be what….12 years old? LOL
      The police are actually going to do extra security checks in my neighborhood…especially late at night.


  3. Okay I know I tuned in a bit late but could you update me on what “WTC” means? I suspect I know what that last word probably is…still. Curiosity is killing the cat here.

    And. If the waste of skin thinks it’s cute/funny/irritating for him to come to your house and tip your birdbath upside down, uh find someone handy and get it fixed to the base of the bath. He might get a hernia trying to lift THAT, or at least get a helluva surprise. I think he sounds like a cowardly, game playing, psycho personally…and I know. I was involved with one for a very very long time. Just scraped that mistake off my shoe last year finally. But I agree with you, it is eerie and a bit frightening. (well it is to me). He’s lucky you didn’t take up target practice as a hobby. An ass full of buckshot usually stops these idiots from playing around like that. Especially if there’s a ‘no trespassing’ sign posted and the local authorities are made aware you’re being stalked.


    • Ah…I never reveal what that stands for. It could be pure coincidence…somebody may just have a bird bath fetish. I love the scraping mistakes off of your shoe but sometimes the smell lingers…and you always know that at one point in your life…you stepped in a pile of shit. LOL


  4. I have seen seemingly normal men do some pretty strange stuff, just to show they were in control. My ex, who threw trash all over the floor in the kitchen and left it, didn’t like it if he found my earrings on the center island which was huge. So he hid them up in the suspended ceiling til I decided to replace the tiles, and took them all down, myself, without his help, and they fell out of the tiles.

    Asshole. But why? I don’t get it. I guess I shouldda put the trash in his bed.

    So glad to be away from that craziness. Geezus.


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