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My Posts Are Being Rated “Very Poor.”

I have noticed lately that some of my posts have been rated “poor” by somebody.  The latest one was for the last post I wrote.

Okay.  What was poor about it?  The way it was written?  The content?  Did you not like reading about what a lying, cheating, disease-giving, narcissistic ex-husband said and did?

Do you think that I should still protect him and present him as the most wonderful man who ever walked Earth?
(Sorry, not going to happen.)

If you think I’m going to remove the “rate” option from my site, you are dead wrong.


Don’t hide behind a “star.”  GROW A SET and post a comment.

You could say something like:

“You suck.”  (That phrase has a few connotations so let’s address them.)
First.  “I suck.”  Does that mean I’m a bad writer?  Okay.  If you think so, here’s an option…don’t read my posts.
Second.  “I suck.”  Are you assuming….or dreaming of possibilities?

“Your punctuation is all wrong.”
Hey. I’m one of them thar uneducated peepas.  Just ’cause I don’t know from commas or semi-colons don’t mean I don’t know nothin’ about good writin’.

“You should write about recipes and….squirrels.”
Well, I’ll be dogged!   Just this morning I loaded my shotgun and bagged a couple of those little critters.  I’m going to whomp me up some squirrel stew tonight and I’ll provide the recipe on tomorrows’ post.  How’s that?

“You couldn’t write your way out of a wet paper bag.”
I’m willing to bet my sweet bippy that you can’t either.  I’ve always heard that those who can’t….criticize those who do.

So, all of you “poor raters” and trolls out there, go ahead and crawl out from under the woodwork.  Nobody likes cowards.

Remember…even the sun shines on a dogs’ ass sometimes and if cockroaches wouldn’t hide under the cover of darkness, it might shine on them, too.


55 thoughts on “My Posts Are Being Rated “Very Poor.”

  1. That was priceless !! I though I was good at responding to people who make assumptions with out facts to back them up. You just made me look at a rookie. I have a new hero. To quote that great American Jed of the Beverly Hillbilly’s ” Stop blowing on the hair and get to the hide “. I will be your wing man anytime. Peace Out


      • I am American by birth-Southern by the grace of God. Born in Tennessee and raised in Louisiana. Down in the swamp we would say ” she can step on your dick toute de suite ( toot sweet or quick, fast and in a hurry) It is a complement. Super hero’s always have a kool nick name down the bayou. I will have to come up with one for you. HA!!!!


              • It is a corruption of a French term used in many ways. Literally it means the smallest of an animal family. Creole it means baby raccoon. If you are the smallest of three brothers then you are the chawee (sha-weeee). You are the new member of my southern smart ass clan and you said you were a little spit fire so you are now my chawee. Say sha quick then drag out weee. Get it. We talk strange in SE Louisiana below New Orleans. We do not ask you anything. We ax you something. Read my post on how to speak New Orleans. It is all in fun and a part of the culture which is very passionate and vocal. We do not take hints worth a damn so we get to the point real quick. That is way no one understands me in Tennessee so I keep to myself. You would love it down there. Peace !!


                • We talk strange up in them thar hills, too. I have been to “Awlins.” My friend and I were warned not to go to the French quarter but we ignored them and ended up in some alleyway. We bought some goodies from two guys who were robbing a store. My friend and I thought it was strange that they didn’t seem to know the prices of anything, so we just made them an offer and they took it. We read about the robbery the next day. 😦
                  If it hadn’t been for the Beignets, I would have starved to death.
                  I did go on a gambling ship there and as soon as I walked in, I found a quarter. I picked it up and put it in my pocket. I STILL get shit for that. LOL

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  2. See, I don’t give a flying fuck what people think of my posts, so I don’t use the “rating” option. And if I did, it would bother me if people didn’t all give me the high five (just did a 180 on the previous statement, it seems). What I don’t need in my life is more judgement, so I remove most sources of potential judgment type things. I leave the “like” button on because lots of times people don’t feel like commenting but they do want to let you know they’ve read the post. But ratings, I feel like, well, if you’ve got this way for people to hurt your feelings just sitting there, and there are nasty people in the world who would love to hurt your feelings, then of course it’s gonna happen. For me, that’s just one more risk factor that I can control, by not putting out the welcome mat for people who would love to hurt me. But that’s just me! I am very fragile and I know it, and although it does get hot and stuffy inside this suit of armor I live in, at least I feel a bit safer from trolls👹

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    • I don’t know how it got on there. I’m pretty computer illiterate. When I first started blogging, I didn’t even know how to correct a mistake. 😦
      I think we all have a pretty good idea who is doing it. It has to be one of two people. To me, it just shows that I did the right thing…by getting rid of a maggot. It also give me fodder for humorous posts. It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all. I just laugh and think “how old is this person?”
      This blog is mine. Nobody is going to intimidate me…or make me stop writing…or make me change one word of a post…or make crawl into a hole and cry. Like I said…it just shows what a coward they are.

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  3. You should know, some people enjoy the anonymity of the internet to hurt others. Do not, under any circumstance allow them to hurt you. They are sick, they are harmful. They do this gleefully thinking they have power. They do not, don’t give it to them. Do not recognize them.

    You are a lovely writer.

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    • I think I’ve made it clear that trolls aren’t going to intimidate me. One of my bloggies had a spineless troll attack her and she took her post down.
      I will strike back every time. Anonymity is a perfect way to hide behind cowardice.
      They actually provide wonderful fodder for me to use my sarcastic wit.
      Thank you for saying I’m a lovely writer 🙂


  4. Who would do this?!? You’re awesome. Keep writing about whatever you need and people who are bothered by someone’s emotional expressions, punctuation and grammar are missing the point! I write full of emotions, from my cellphone and sometimes I’m over served before I write. I’ve reread through mistakes and left most of them. I’m not perfect but I am someone who was abused by someone and I am making my way out the other side. So are you. Now are you going to count my need to use a comma or are you going to feel what I am saying, people.
    ❤️ to you!

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  5. I’m going to give this a shot AGAIN…..If you get this I want you know that I think all of your posts are four stars. That being said, fuckum, works for those who dare to disagree with me.

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  6. Trolls are cucking fowards!!! They need to take a fying fluck at a dolling ronut, IMHO!

    If they have nothing to say, good or bad, they should stay the fuck off of blogs that offend their delicate sensibilities, no? Like you said – they should grow a pair and say something, or GTFOHWTS!

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