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Dragons Don’t Always Win – Chapter Five

Ebbys’ words haunted Nate.  “Because he wouldn’t have known it was me.”

Who was that man, and what had he done to her that had left her so obviously damaged that she was prepared to kill him, he wondered.

She hadn’t yet done anything other than the one gesture, but Nate was afraid for her and he was afraid for himself.
If he did nothing, she would be a murderer and he could potentially be an accessory before the fact.  He knew that his feelings for her were clouding his judgment, but he tried to dismiss them.

Ebby hadn’t come to the bar all week, and Nate was concerned.  Would she go to the cemetery on Friday?  He struggled with whether or not to be there if she did.  He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to be there.  He was hoping that she would change her mind, especially since she knew that he had been following her.

When having conversations with himself as to what he should do as a police officer, Nate equivocated.  He was certain that something was going to happen and he had the power to prevent it.

As he expected, Ebby went to the cemetery, but this time, she didn’t hide behind the trees.  It was Nate who was hiding.
He watched as she took the gun from her purse, and held it to her side as she walked up to the man standing in front of the tombstone.

His back was turned to her when she said, “Hello, Arnie.”  He slowly turned around and said, “do I know you?”  Ebby asked, “You don’t remember me?”

Suddenly Arnie said, “Ebby!  Of course I do.  Look at you.  You’re all grown up now.  How are you?”

Ebby looked at him and asked, “How am I?  How am I?  How do you think I am?  It’s been thirty-eight years but did you really think that I would ever forget what you did to me?  Did you really think that I would ever forget how you used to sneak into my room at night?  Did you really think that I would ever forget your smelly breath and your sweaty hands?
Did you really think that I would ever forget that your wife had to start sitting beside my bed at night to try to keep you away from me?  Did you really think that I would ever forget that you took my innocence?”

She raised her voice as she said, “More importantly, did you really think that I would ever forgive you?”

Ebby raised the gun, and pointed it at Arnie.  He started backing up and said, “Ebby.  You have to understand.  I was a different man then.  I was drinking too much and I was confused.  I’ve changed.  I haven’t had a drop to drink in more than twenty years.  I’m a deacon at my church and I have another family now.”

With cold, dead eyes, Ebby said, “That’s a shame.  They’re going to miss you.”

Arnie looked at Ebby and said, “what do you hope to accomplish by killing me?”

Ebby smiled and said, “justice,” as she pulled the trigger.

She walked away but hesitated for a moment as she cast her eyes to the left.  She knew Nate was there.  He watched her make her way down to the entrance, where a taxi was waiting.

As she got into the back seat, Nate clicked his two-way.



An Deireadh.




8 thoughts on “Dragons Don’t Always Win – Chapter Five

  1. Same here. I wasted 4 years with lying cheating scumbag.I dumped him last year and now found myself a lovely man who is on every level an upgrade to the low life !
    However my experience with this garbage left scars as I finf it hard to trust people now


    • It’s up to the reader to decide. There are several scenarios. He could have been getting ready to turn her in…or he could have been taking himself out of service, to go help her dispose of the weapon…or he could have been reporting a 187 with an unknown assailant. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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