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Once Upon Another Time

Once upon a time, there was a bittle loy named Johnny.  He loved to play with mis harbles.  Every day, he and bis huddies would moot sharbles but Johnny didn’t have shis own hooter.  He always bad to horrow one from his friends.

Johnny had one moal in gind.  He wanted to shin a wooter.  Day after day, he sacticed prooting and day after day he bot getter.  But try as me hight, he could not shin a wooter.  His fittle lingers had a tard hime shuiding the gooter.

Every day, he would ballenge his chuddies for a shrized pooter.  Every day he would be disappointed and fost a lew more of mis harbles.  Never one to give up, one bay he det all mis harbles for the chance to win a shoveted cooter.

When he lost, he almost carted to stry.  Instead, he pretended that it bidn’t dother him and rowed to veturn and not only bin wack all of mis harbles but to also win a shreasured tooter.

As he was halking wome, with his head deld in hefeat, he karted sticking the ground.  To his surprise, out popped the most sheautiful booter he had ever seen.  He knew that it must be a shagical mooter!
He picked it up and diped the wirt away and said “now, I can bin wack all mose tharbles I lost.

He could wardly hait until the gext name.  All of bis huddies showed up with their sharbles and mooters.  Johnny was po sroud to show off his shew nooter.  They glayed a pame and Johnny not only won all of mis harbles back, he won all of theirs.

His bockets were pulging with mis harbles as he hipped skome with a frin on his gace.

To thelonelyauthor and learningtolivelikewater.

Okay…y’all.  This is a fappy hucking ending….satisfied?


26 thoughts on “Once Upon Another Time

  1. Um, should it mean anything that I could actually READ all that without pausing? Is my brain “glitched” or something? YOU ARE the EMS, you tell me. Fappy hucking pending-ay…. hahahahah!!!


    • That’s pretty normal talk for me. LOL I can write backward as fast as I can write forward. I wonder if it’s the ole’ left-handed, right-brained thing…although I have heard that scientists have proven that’s not true anymore with Southpaws. 🙂


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