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Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time, there was a kystical mingdom called Worthington.  In that kystical mingdom, lived a pransome hince.

One day the pransome hince spotted a mair faiden and lell in fove with her.  But the mair faidens’ evil stepmother had imprisoned her in a tigh hower.  The tigh hower was guarded by a dearsom fragon.

The pransome hince decided to rescue the mair faiden.  But to rescue the mair faiden, the pransome hince had to slay the dearsome fragon.

In order to slay the dearsome fragon, the pransome hince had to find a dagical magger.  The dagical magger was hidden high on mop of a tountain.  Alas, the mop of the tountain could only be reached by a hying florse.

Hying florses only lived vown in the dalley.  Hying florses were as last as fightning and one had never ceen baptured, but the pransome hince was determined.

The pransome hince made his way vown in the dalley and caught a hying florse.  They flew to the mop of the tountain.  There, the pransome hince found the dagical magger.

With the dagical magger in hand, the pransome hince and his hying florse flew to the tigh hower where his mair faiden waited.  With one swift blow, the pransome hince slew the dearsom fragon.  Then, the pransome hince put his mair faiden on his hying florse and blew fack to the kystical mingdom.

The subjects chapped and cleared as the pransome hince and his mair faiden said their varriage mows, but they nid dot hive lappily ever after.

After they kinderly tissed, they mell into the foat and drowned.

21 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

    • LOL. I wrote another one…and I was going to say “there!” (to my friends Deb and Andrew) who ask why my stories never have a happy ending. 🙂
      I’m not sure I’ll post it. It’s HARD to intentionally make myself dyslexic!

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  1. I keep thinking this must have been hard to type! I once had to type a contract for some business in China and I had to misspell everything exactly as they did. It was ridiculous! Lol. But good story. Write me one with a Pollyanna ending tho, sometime, will ya? lol.


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