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The Silent Room – Chapter Four

Marilyn drove to Reverend Nicks’ house and smiled at him as he got into her car.  He told her how happy he was that she had called and asked if she wanted to go somewhere and get something to eat and talk.  She said “yes, but first, I have to pick up something at my house.”

When they pulled into the garage, Marilyn invited him to come in.  She asked him if he would like a glass of wine before they went to dinner.  She had already crushed two Valium and carefully stirred the wine as she put them into his glass.  Reverend Nick offered a toast to “friendship.” Marilyn played her part well as she smiled and echoed the toast.

It wasn’t going to be long before the drug took effect so she coyly asked him if she had ever shown him the room where Eric had practiced his music.  He said “no, but I’d like to see it.”

Marilyn said “it’s this way.”  They descended the stairs into the basement and as she opened the door, she said “we had it completely sound-proofed so his music wouldn’t disturb the neighbors.  We always called it the silent room.”

When she turned on the light, Reverend Nick said “this is a music room?  It looks more like an operating room.”  He walked over to the barber chair.  Marilyn told him about the chair and as he admired it, he said he suddenly felt dizzy.

When he became a little less steady on his feet, Marilyn helped him to an island that had been turned into a makeshift operating table.  She told him to lie down while he tried to get his bearings.  He soon lost consciousness.

A few hours later and still groggy, he opened his eyes and realized that he was naked and had been strapped to the table.  Marilyn leaned over him and said “I won’t be calling you Reverend anymore because a man of God wouldn’t do what you did.
From now on, I will call you what you are.  I’m going to call you monster.  You couldn’t have me so you decided to take the only thing I had left.  The only thing that gave me a reason to live.  I know you murdered my child and that makes you a monster.”

Nick said “I swear to God.  I never touched Erica.  You have to believe me.”  Before he could finish, she said “I’m going to have to perform a few procedures before we get started.”  Nick asked what kind of procedures and Marilyn said “for now, just a cath in your penis and a feeding tube.  Tomorrow, I’ll give you a colectomy.  Those things are necessary before I can continue my work but don’t worry.  I’m a doctor and I’m good at what I do.”

She taunted Nick as she almost playfully lined up the scalpels, clamps, and syringes.  She was intentionally rough when inserting the cath and he cried out in pain.  She said “did my child scream while you were beating her?”
With a grimace on his face, he said “Marilyn, please.  I’m begging you.  Don’t do this.”  She looked down at him and said “did Erica beg you not to hurt her?”

Marilyn coldly said “okay, monster.  The cath is in and now it’s time for the feeding tube.  Regretfully, you will only receive a local anesthetic for this.”  After a few seconds, she said “actually, maybe you won’t.”

Before she made the incision, she smiled and said “this might hurt a little.”  Nick screamed.  She said “did Erica scream while you were strangling her?  She didn’t did she?  She couldn’t, could she?  She couldn’t because you had your hands around her throat.  Scream all you want.  Nobody is going to hear you.”

Nick pleaded with her to listen to him.  He said “Marilyn, you are making a terrible mistake.”  She ignored his pleas and as she took off her gloves, she said “okay, monster.  All done…for now.  Tell me.  Are you in any pain?”

Nick, gasping for breath and almost in shock, said “yes.”  Marilyn said “good” and turned to walk out of the room.

Nick called to her and said “are you going to kill me?”

Marilyn walked back over to him, bent down and softly said “no.  I’m not going to kill you.  I’m just going to make you wish I had.”




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