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The Silent Room – Chapter One

Eric and Marilyn were the perfect couple.  She was a raven haired beauty with ice blue eyes and a smile that could literally light up the room.  He was the traditional tall, dark and handsome.  He had black hair with sprinkles of silver that teased his temples.  Marilyn referred to his hazel eyes as “mood ring eyes” because of the way they changed color.  They had been described as “two beautiful people who belonged on top of a wedding cake.”

Marilyn was a doctor who specialized in emergency medical care and worked for a large, well-funded hospital. Eric was the CEO of a highly lucrative pharmaceutical company and a sometimes wannabe rock and roller.  Their professions had brought them together ten years earlier and as they say, the rest is history.

Although Eric was ten years Marilyns’ senior, they seemed to be soul mates in every sense of the word.  Two years after they married they had their only child, a daughter.  Marilyn named her Erica as an homage to her father.
Eric was a gentle, kind man who adored his wife and daughter.  Marilyn was clearly the center of his world and Erica was the light of his life.

When they were together, they were always hand in hand or arm in arm.  They seemed to want to always be touching each other.  Their friends used to say that if there had ever been two people who were made for each other, it was Eric and Marilyn.

Marilyn used to blot her lipstick onto a piece of paper and tuck it into Erics’ planner.  She would write on the paper, “where would you like for these lips to be?”
Eric was just as sensual.  When Erica had a sleep-over and he and Marilyn had a day off together, he would fix breakfast and serve it to her in bed, wearing nothing but a tie.

When Eric had one of his “gigs,” Marilyn was his loudest cheerleader.  After he finished playing, she would flirt with him and ask him to take her home, with the promise of doing things to him things that he would not soon forget.  She loved watching him play and seemed to be memorizing every line and curve of his face as he belted out the songs of Mick Jagger.

One large room in the basement of their house had been completely sound-proofed so that he and his fellow band members could practice without disturbing the neighborhood.
They weren’t a paid band but never passed up an opportunity to play at somebodys’ request.

When Eric suddenly started having nosebleeds, accompanied by flashes of light and sharp, stabbing pains in his head, he tried to hide it.  Marilyn suspected that something was wrong when he started snapping at her and Erica for no apparent reason, as that behavior was completely out of character for him.
After Marilyns’ consistent prodding, a much begrudged trip to the hospital revealed that Eric had a brain tumor.

Surgery was quickly performed and the prognosis was cautious optimism.  Marilyn knew what the odds of recurrence for that type of tumor were but she hoped that he was going to be one of the exceptions.

Two months had passed and Eric hadn’t yet returned to work nor had he returned to his music but he seemed to be recovering nicely.  Their anniversary was coming up and it had always been an anticipated celebration. Eric surprised Marilyn when he told her to get dressed because he was taking her dancing.  She asked him if he was sure he felt up to it.  He smiled and said “absolutely.”

He asked her to wear a certain red dress, which had always been one of his favorites.  They went to “their” place, the place where they had celebrated all of their anniversaries.  As they walked in, they could hear the band playing. Marilyn looked at Eric and wondered if he missed being able to play.

After they had a glass of wine, Eric took her hand and lifted her from her chair.  The dance floor cleared as they walked toward it.  Eric motioned to the band and Marilyn beamed as they started to play “Lady in Red.”
As they danced, they seemed to be lost in each others’ eyes.  Eric leaned over and whispered in her ear, “happy anniversary, darling.”  She smiled as she took his face in her hands and said “I want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful life.  Promise me that you’ll never leave me.” He hesitated for a moment and then said “I promise.”

Marilyns’ smile slowly faded as she watched blood trickle from Erics’ nose.



26 thoughts on “The Silent Room – Chapter One

  1. Oh no, how sad! 😯 Even my kitten Tangle agrees (she tried to press my keyboard just now, as I was typing). I see that it is chapter one only, perhaps there will be a miracle in charter two..!

    By the way, now that I am so swamped with work, I am daydreaming about a several weeks trip through the Pacific Northwest and all the amazing scenery there… perhaps on the road with a certain hilarious lady hee hee. I hope you are well. Hugs!


      • Yes, you are varied and unpredictable in your writing and that is great. 🙂
        Oh yes I would love to plan an adventure like that! My dream would be to visit nice, friendly, small towns, but above all, some of the majestic wilderness/national parks over there, in the states of.. Washington/Oregon. Do some (light) guided day hikes within the national parks, etc. I have read a lot about it now and it truly seems wonderful. But it also seems like it would require a minimum of 2 weeks there, preferably at least 3 weeks, to have time to see some of it. I will have to wait probably 2-3 months until I start getting the monthly payments from my newly formed little company. Then I can start planning and I would be hoping for a spring trip… April/May… still a lot to consider etc. But that is the trip of my dreams, so I hope to be able to make it come true soon!!
        Also, it would be nice, because, even though you dont want to cross “the pond”, perhaps you would consider crossing the US in a train or a car, to go on an adventure like this. Who knows.. 😊 we should keep talking about this and see if it would be possible.😸


        • OR….you could just come to the East coast. Wouldn’t that be closer anyway? I hear there’s all kinds of shit to do here…..LOL
          My old bucket list actually included the space needle but I kind of gave up on my list. Nowadays, it’s like…get up…get dressed…remember to order Boost…
          Laughing yet?

          Liked by 1 person

          • I absolutely could, it is just that…. the West (or more specifically , North West) of the US, has been on my bucket list for years and years. And I have been twice to the East, well, New York, and then South East I guess, (Florida). 🙂 If you need any more convincing, you could look at this photo and imagine that it is you and me on a day hike adventure up in the mountains! Look: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/road-trips/united-states/washington-national-parks/

            Oh, and also, hey, if I cross “the pond”, terrified and eating my knuckles, and doped up on crazy pills just to make it (LOL), then I think you oughta be able to cross that little piece of lawn called the US. Haha 😀 Just messing with you, my friend. I understand that it would be quite the distance for you, I really do. But hey, space needle yes you need to cross that off your list. And YES I was laughing at your description about getting up, getting dressed and ordering Boost. But, I was wondering/making an observation: Why get dressed at all, if you’re not working? I would stumble about in a bath robe all day! Haha. Kind of like “The Dude” in the movie The big Lebowski. 😀 Hugs


            • That little 3000 mile piece of land? LOL
              Now…the hiking….only if there’s a chair lift. 🙂
              I just have to get dressed…just like I have to make up the bed. It used to piss me off when I went to work (after pig-shit got fired) and I’d come home after working 13 or 14 hours….and the fucking bed hadn’t been made!
              I slept on the sofa. I cannot get into a bed that hasn’t been made.
              What’s wrong with me????? LOL

              Liked by 1 person

              • Haha yeah that! But… you could fly 😉 Haha I know you hate flying, sorry. I checked airline tickets for Seattle, yesterday. (From where I live, and in April). I was amazed to see that the price was extremely low (Like 50%!), this far in advance. It is too bad I dont get any “real money” until like November, so I will have to pay the regular airfare. Oh well. I was also amazed to see that it “only” took 12 hours from here to Seattle?! I thought it was a much longer flight… but that’s great. I can do 12 hours. (24 hours flight was a bit much, when I went to New Zealand lol).

                About the hiking: I am not very fit at all, so I am thinking “light” hiking, mainly in valleys/on lower hills. (I am very bad at walking a lot of uphill lol). And maximum for me is like 10 miles in a whole day (with lots of breaks). So I am a chilled out hiker! 😁

                I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you at all! I think details like that stick in our minds and remind us of real shitty situations we were in. (And trauma etc). It’s like, I can not eat certain foods cause they remind me of the narc. Lol. Hugs


            • I do! And I haven’t eaten one since.
              I keep thinking I should make some macaroni and cheese but it’s just too much trouble.
              I have been trying to eat one corn dog a day. That fills me up…but now I’m out and I’m not going grocery shopping any time soon. I really don’t like to eat…LOL


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