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The Find – Part Four

She was confused by the find and decided not to visit the back five the next day, nor the day after.  The stone and its meaning haunted her and she found herself writing the words down…over and over.  The words left her with an almost overwhelming sense of sorrow and they struck her through.  They were just words but they were the saddest words she had ever heard.
Somebody put that stone there.  Somebody wanted the words to be read.  Somebody wanted to be remembered…but some things are just lost to time and to history.

She never revisited the back five.

Ten years later, the state decided to build a highway to help ease congestion between two large cities and her land was right in the middle of the proposed site.  The state offered her a paltry sum for her property, which she ultimately accepted because she knew that if she didn’t, the law of eminent domain would just take it.
She was old and sick and didn’t have any fight left in her.

She moved into a building which had been converted into apartments for the elderly who were on a fixed income. She hated it and had few comforts but there was no other option.

She spent hours looking out the window of what she felt was her prison.  She could see her beloved mountains in the distance and often cried.  A few months after she moved in, she had to be hospitalized.
When asked about next of kin, she declined to give any names.  She had spent the last years of her life alone and thought it was just as well that she die alone.

The day they bulldozed Farthington to the ground, she died.  She was clutching a piece of paper in her hand, on which she had written the same four words that had been carved into the stone.  The nurse who read the words, wept.

Construction was progressing on schedule but when the workers reached the back five, the foreman was called to a particular spot.  When he arrived, the workers showed him a partially buried stone.  He wiped away the dirt and leaves and just stared for a minute.
He radioed his boss and said “we might have a problem here.”  The boss asked what kind of problem and the foreman said “I think we may have a cemetery.”

The boss came to the location and the foreman showed him the stone.  He said “I guess we had better get the GPR up here and see what we’ve got.”  After hours of imagining the ground, nothing was found so the go ahead was given to continue clearing the land.  The foreman asked the boss what he wanted him to do about the stone.  The boss said “we are under no legal obligation to do anything but I’ll leave that up to you.”

The foreman looked at the stone again and read the words.  He wondered who had put it there.  He wondered how long it had been there.  He bent down and traced the letters with his finger and gently patted the stone before he stood up.


Five years later, a father and his son were walking through the woods that flanked the newly constructed highway. They were on their first hunting trip together.  As they crouched down trying not to be seen by any deer, the son noticed the corner of what looked like a marble stone that was partially buried.


La Fin.



9 thoughts on “The Find – Part Four

  1. Loved reading every minute of it. You are truly gifted, you need to write a book now. I can never figure out how your stories will end, suspense till the end!!!


  2. O. M. G. I think I have to call you and find out. O M G.

    Let me tell you, I came home from work, late as usual. Tired, bone tired from the week, and being out last night. I sat down on my deck with a glass of wine and read your whole story, parts 1-4. My headache is gone, but I need to call you now, and find out.

    What I want you to know now, right now,is that you are an incredibly gifted writer. Seriously. I read A LOT. I would pay for this book. Or short story. I think you have found what I was going to call an avocation, which is really just a hobby, but I think it’s a vocation for you, which is a calling, a mission, a purpose.


    You are amazing, Laurel. Reading your words, I can somehow feel and see exactly what you describe. It’s beautiful.

    Thanks for getting rid of my headache, and for transporting me outside my own narrow world to a place I’d never go.



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