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Trolls And Other Critters

This morning at 2:18, I got a comment from “tomthehun” regarding my posts about the dating site.  It said:

“LOL.  I could actually explain these things to you ladies but I am fully aware this is about preserving your egos vs finding someone to date.”

I responded:  “LOL.  This has nothing to do with egos.  It has to do with idiocy.”

At 2:46, he wrote:

“actually it’s all very logical.  Or would be if you understand what’s going on.  Nor is it particularly hard to figure out but it is always easier to dismiss people as idiots.”




Does “tomthehun” refer to a long-lost relative of Attila?  It really doesn’t matter to me but:

If you could “logically” explain these things, by all means, go ahead and enlighten us so that we can jump back on and find “the man of our dreams.”  Apparently, our huge egos get in our way and render us blithering imbeciles, scratching our heads and wondering why our profiles seem to be illegible to all of you fine gentlemen out there.
When you do explain, please put it in laymens’ terms so that we can “understand.”  (You know how those pesky egos sometimes impede our ability to grasp things.)

My guess is that you have been on one of those sites and things didn’t work out.  Maybe you ran into a Southern spitfire who wasn’t really interested in crotch shots, nipple shots, two-fisted drinkers, deer-slayers, racists, anti-Semites and people who can’t form a complete sentence…men who believe that…if you aren’t interested in the wonder that is me, then there is definitely something wrong with YOU.”
Yes.  It is very easy to dismiss people as idiots…when they are.

Could it be that you are like one of those aforementioned “potential suitors” I so cavalierly dismissed?  If you are, I think it is abundantly clear as to why.
Perhaps you think you know me and the other “ladies” well enough to pass judgment on why we were on the dating site and what we weren’t looking for but I don’t think any of us called YOU, did we?



Last week, a dear friend of mine wrote about how she missed her ex.  She was lambasted by a troll, which prompted her to remove the post.  I read the post before she took it down but I didn’t see the comments.  Had I seen them, I have no doubt that my claws would have come out and left a mark.

Let it be known to all trolls and other critters that I will not take down my posts.  If you don’t like what I write, there is a very simple solution.  Don’t read it.

I will not engage in a long-term pissing contest with anybody on WordPress but I will not be intimidated either. I’m not above using my biting humor, sarcasm and snarky remarks.  Differences of opinion are always welcome. Guidance and suggestions are always welcome.  Insinuations that you have an insightful and accurate knowledge of “our” motives and intentions and therefore, the right to criticize them…are not.

I find that people who sit on their high horses of judgment should take care.  It’s real easy to get knocked off.









42 thoughts on “Trolls And Other Critters

  1. I love trolls. Reading their comments gives me hours of enjoyment. I’m also one that will give it right back to them. I call them out and watch how they scurry back under the bridge to feat on a moldy rat.


  2. All the Flying Monkeys and Trolls are trying to crowd onto the back of one horse. They look hideous. Most of them took the Narc’s side on Facebook since he plays the victim so very well. I should know; it’s how he ensnared me!.


    • Yeah, and they can hide behind anonymity. I still can’t figure out what was wrong with admitting that you sometimes missed your narc and I sure would like to know what we are looking for on dating sites. Oh, well….what’s one more coward?


  3. Oh ouch, I hope you and anyone else do not perceive me as a know-it-all.
    It is tough for me. I am a professional in the field and also have been betrayed. I write my postings sort-of- in general language, and “inclusive” in the sense of being (trying to be) “political correct”, but I let my guard down when responding to people’s postings on their WP sites that I follow . I do at times use research data to rebut a statement. Maybe I should not do that. Let me know….OK? On the other hand I like to get feedback on my posts as long as it is respectful, but no one has to agree with me. I do like responses of people who read the research, rather than just an emotional outbursts based on personal pain. Although I do understand it and will not be insulted. I am part of the group who knows how it feels.


  4. I’ve saved some of the conversations I’ve had with internet Lotharios while on different dating sites. One day, when I have absolutely nothing else to do, I’ll put them together for everyone else’s amusement. F*cking men. 🙂

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  5. Love this!! And hate know it alls. Generally I find they dislike the image they see in the mirror and go into denial that it’s them. In vague, cryptic comments, which could mean anything. Far be it for a troll, or a narc, lol, to be specific or accountable. Saying “I could tell you but you don’t want to hear” is such a cop-out. You have something to say, say it. Like I told someone I loved once, games are for children and drunks.

    Big hugs laurel. Keep on fighting the good fight!!

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