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Loser Puppets’ Friend Keeping In Touch

A couple of weeks ago, I got another email from one of the Loser puppets’ best “friends.”  If the Loser puppet knew he was in regular touch with me, it would blow him away.  He (the Loser puppet) hasn’t yet been able to convince him that I am what he tells everybody else I am.

I gave his friend a quick call.  We chatted like we usually do but I didn’t ask him anything about the Loser puppet or the WTC puppet-master.  I never do.
He always wants to know how I’m doing.  I don’t know if he asks because he really cares, or if it’s because he feels sorry for me.  He knows how the Loser puppet treated me all those years and what he did to me.

He sort of chuckled when he said that the last time he talked to the Loser puppet, he said “she’s completely lost it.”  I couldn’t help but chuckle as well.  It’s so him.

I started thinking about all the things the Loser puppet has said to people and all the things he has said to me, so I decided to list some of them and have a little fun.

1.  “She’s completely lost it.”
Nah.  I actually won it.  YOU’RE the one who LOST it when you had to give up the one thing you covet even more than your WTC….YOUR MONEY!

2.  “I think you’re insane.”
You’re right.  I’d pretty much have to be insane to have stayed with somebody like you for more than forty years.”

3.  “You’re a fucking bitch.”
 So what’s wrong with being a fucking bitch?  Isn’t that what you’ve always liked?  Bitches who fuck?

4.  “You are the least empathetic person I have ever met.”
Coming from a narcissist, that is a textbook statement.  Accuse me of not being able to feel something that you can’t even define…let alone feel.  Maybe you’re confusing empathetic with easy.  They both start with the same letter and you’ve always gravitated toward those easy “women”…and easy…I am not. 

5.  You’re a vindictive bitch.”
Aw…did hims feelings get hurt when hims doormat flew up and smacked him in hims face?  That’s what happens when somebody who “just shut up” finally stands up and roars.

6.  “I think you hate my guts.”
Hate’s a pretty strong word.  I think you’d have to find a stronger word to describe how I feel about you.  With your high education, you should be able to come up with something.

7.  “You don’t take care of yourself.”
You’re right.  I should have demanded that you wear a condom.  That way, you couldn’t have passed on a disease that leaves me so covered in sores, I can hardly sit down.  I should have been able to divine somehow, that you were screwing every tramp you could find who was circling you like a bitch in heat.  Yes, I should have taken care of myself. 

8.  “You are the most cold-hearted person I have ever known.”
You looked at me with misty eyes and said (sniff, sniff) “I’m pre-diabetic.”  I said “I really don’t give a shit and it’s not my problem.  If you want sympathy, tell your WTC.”  

9.  “You could have been worth something.”
Wow.  You’re telling me that a brood mare, a babysitter, a barber, a laundress, a cook, a housekeeper, a chauffeur, a bookkeeper, a seamstress, a nurse, a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, and a pit bull (when you said you needed one) translates to being worthless? Okay then.  Guilty as charged.

10.  “I should have MADE you go to college.”
Your WTC is going to college and she can’t even pay her own taxes or tuition.  What good is going to college, if your only means of support is “hustling” a man?  Sorry.  I’m not that kind of girl and you tend to forget that somebody had to raise our four children.

11.  “You’re a real piece of work.”
(In Elvis voice) uh..thank you.  Uh…thank you very much.

12.  “Maybe I gave you Herpes.  You could have gotten it from anybody.”
This was obviously prompted by your WTC, who we both know has been around the block more than a few times.  Do you think that because she has no clue who gave it to her means that she can impugn my character by suggesting to you and trying to convince you that I’m nothing more than just another common tramp?  Whatever helps y’all sleep at night.

13.  “(The WTC) thinks you hate her and she really wishes you didn’t.”
Well, bless her heart.  Why would she think that a mans’ wife would hate the woman who was fucking her husband?  Tell her to give me a call.  We can go shopping…..together.  Maybe we could….I don’t know….discuss different strains of Herpes and muse over who we think may have given it to us.

What a tragic life this poor man had.  Having to deal with a bitchy, vindictive, insane, empathetic-less, cold-hearted, hateful, worthless, uneducated, herpes-ridden woman, must have been excruciatingly painful.

Thank God, he finally found somebody who is just like him…somebody who shares his morality and his values…somebody who is his mirror image.




63 thoughts on “Loser Puppets’ Friend Keeping In Touch

  1. You are too funny!!! But, isn’t that exactly how an N turns the situation around in their mind to make themselves look good and them the victim. No matter to them that they used us until we are broken. I’m so glad we are free to heal now.


  2. Oh this is so quintessentially you!!! No 3 made me laugh out loud. So glad we’ve both gotten away from these men!!! Geezus!!! And glad there is one old friend who checks up on you and can see through the bs. It’s so thick, not sure how anyone wouldn’t smell it. Let alone want to step in it. I guess it’s a true story of ” follow the money. “.

    We need to catch up. I think I’ll be around tonight. Are you?


    • Yep…I’ll be around. That’s funny. I was thinking this morning about sending you a message and saying…”wanna chat?” LOL
      You’re the second person who said #3 made them holler.
      It is so me, isn’t it? I just can’t help myself….he is just so ridiculously stupid when it comes to his own ego. Ah, it must have been horrible….those last few meetings, sitting across the table from somebody who wasn’t fawning over the “wonder that he thinks is him.” LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      • Did he get pissed off? Scott would get SO angry when he got a no from me. Last time…. After he asked a half dozen times to come up here and I said no…. Wow did he let me have it. ( we were texting) so I blocked him again. Got a couple more messages as blog comments, more benign, but still exhibiting how it is all about him and projecting that bs onto me. The comments went to trash where they still sit, because I blacklisted him. I didn’t know I could even still see them til I found them a few days later.

        Betty always says it’s not over til he says it is. I haven’t heard from him for almost 2 months, but he never said it was over. So I’m guessing he’s just biding his time. Not that I care because 6 weeks from now I will be gone. 😊😊😊


        • Well yeah! That’s where the “you’re the most cold-hearted person I’ve ever met” came from. I didn’t react with the “caring” he thought I should have about his pre-diabetes diagnosis.
          I also refused to tell him where I was going….and he responded with the “if I thought I was never going to see you again, it would kill me.” LOL
          Shoot! I should have put that in there. Think he’s dead yet?

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  3. This is post is both Intense and Humorous at the same time. I can feel the pain of your relationship, yet the words you use to describe it and them often make me smile!! I’m so sorry that you were so hurt for so long and that you have to live with the repercussions forever. ❤ you Friend


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