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Another Leibster Award

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A big thank you to innerramblingsblvd for the nomination!  They are a couple of ghost writers whose work ranges from musical to erotica.  They post lots of videos and the writing is always so meaningful.  They are staunch supporters of their followers and never fail to comment with heartfelt and encouraging responses.  If you don’t already follow them, give them a look.

These are their questions for me:

1.  What was the scariest moment in your life?
I would have to say when I had to meet with a drug dealer in the middle of the woods because the Loser puppet told me to get his computer back and he didn’t care how I did it.  (My son sold it.)

2.  What or who inspires your writing?
My life.

3.  How have you overcome writers’ block?
I just don’t write for a while.

4.  Are you published?  Would you like to be published?
No.  Maybe.

5.  What do you think is your best poem or poetry?
Maybe “A Short Story” but I don’t consider anything I write as being very good.

6.  What is your favorite novel?
I don’t have one.

7.  If you could meet an author, who would you meet?
I’ve met Robert Penn Warren but only because he was one of the Loser puppets’ favorite authors.  Not being a reader, I don’t have an answer.

8.  If you were trapped on an island, what three items would you have?
Water, a compass and a raft.

9.  What is one thing in the world you’d like to change?

10. How long have you been writing?
I’ve been blogging almost a year.

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog.

Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

Display the award on your blog post.

Provide 10 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you feel deserve the award and notify them that they have been nominated.

Ask them to answer ten questions.

Ten Random Facts About Me:

1.  I always wear a gold St. Jude (the patron saint of lost causes) pendant around my neck.

2.  I have no discernible wrinkles on my forehead…a trait I got from my mama.  At eighty, she didn’t
have a single wrinkle on her forehead.

3.  I can raise both of my eyebrows (ala Scarlett O’Hara) alternately.  I used to entertain my
children and they would try and try to do it but none of them have ever been able to.  I have never
met anybody else who could do it either.

4.  When I give up something, I give it up.  I used to drink 3 or 4 pots of coffee every day.  About ten years ago, I decided to stop.  I used to drink 8 or 9 gallons of milk a week.  Three years ago, I decided I was going to stop.  I have never even had a sip since.  I never miss what I give up.  I never have any kind of withdrawal.  It’s another quality that people “admire” and also think makes me “crazy.”  (“Nobody says I’m quitting something and just does it.  That’s crazy.”)

5.  I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.

6.  I know a pressure point that can disable or kill you using only my thumb.  (Learned in EMS and no, I will not tell you.)

7.  I despise cooking, although I used to be a pretty good one.  I find the idea right on up there with sticking forks in my eyes.

8.  If I had a choice of a sunny day or a rainy day, I would pick the latter.  I have always loved rainy days.

9.  I have a younger sister who I have only seen five times in the last 61 years.

10. I once worked for the telephone company as an information operator.  Back then, we literally used a phone book to look up numbers.

My questions are the same questions that were asked of me.

Since so many bloggers are award free, I tend to nominate the few who still accept awards.  Also, the Leibster Award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I have surpassed that number (many thanks to my followers) and some of my nominees have, I’m sure but not all have the number posted.

My nominees are:

1.  survivednarc

2.  angelicakidd

3.  creativerational

4.  socialworkerangela

6.  learningtolivelikewater

7.  myworldshattered

8.  painkills2

9.  samlobos

10.  simplyEttad



39 thoughts on “Another Leibster Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination, darling. I found the random facts about you really interesting! You are a woman of many hidden talents. You know what they say about someone who can tie a cherry stem with their tongue…😉


  2. Congrats! And thank you! 🙂 I had to laugh at the eye brow thing. I can raise one of them high while the other one is down, but when I switch to the other side and do the opposite, it works, but can not raise the other one as high, like the muscle is more lazy or something, ha ha. 🙂 Great facts part from you, as usual.

    I wonder if we really have to do both facts and questions, I remember these as being either questions or facts.. hmm, will have to look at my old awards to see. Sometimes in these “chains” of awards, I believe some people change the rules. I might gobwith the old rules cause I am lazy now when I am on vacation. Lol. Thanks again, friend! ⚘


    • You’re right. Each one seems to change. Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with questions? And facts…..holy moly…I really have to stretch for those. “I’m boring. I’m depressed. I’m about as useless as a third tit.” I mean…geeze. LOL

      Liked by 3 people

          • Ha ha! I cry in bed mostly because that is where I keep my laptop, so my floors are still a mess (try and keep it clean with 2 cats LOL! ) but it is great to have the support here on wordpress, I think it has helped me more than anything else to be honest! 🙂 💙

            Liked by 1 person

            • I know exactly what you mean. I was thinking the other day…”I wonder what I would be doing if I hadn’t started blogging.” I don’t even know why I started. I don’t know how I figured it out. I know my friend who died from the brain tumor had a blog but he wasn’t around to help me.
              It’s so strange….how did it start…and why? Learning would probably say “the universe.” LOL

              Liked by 1 person

              • Yes… I started too, just as a way to not die from all the shit and darkness inside. I truly believe I would have been in a psychiatric facility, had I not started blogging. I was so severely psychologically damaged after Narc that I didnt know if I could survive it… it has been a blessing indeed with blogging, imagine me, a wrecking, that could continue working and “surviving” only because I had this outlet. I do feel so connected to you in this way also, because I know that you understand, like almost no one else. That is so wonderful. I agree Learning would say the Universe….! Ha ha! I am right now very skeptical that there is even any such power… still the same time, I am starting to wonder… what saved me… and what saved you, friend? These questions are very hard indeed. Is it “only” human survival instinct, or is there something more? Sometimes I swear I dont know…. I met you, Learning, Sam, Megan, Lonely Author, and a few others, at the darkest time in my life, so, I am humble about that. Hugs! 😊


                • Maybe there was a reason we both started when we did. I do believe that there can be an immediate connection…I have sure felt it.
                  And…I don’t know about the Universe…if it’s really an entity…then “somebody” wouldn’t be in very good shape right now. LOL
                  I remember thinking…”what am I going to do when my story ends?” It was supposed to only be from the beginning to the end….and now, I just write about all kinds of shit….LOL
                  I should make a point of doing something I have never done…which is travel….I should make plans to just bite the bullet and come see you. Whoa! Can you imagine….both of us…loose…together? LOL

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Yes, about things that are meant to be, and “The universe” etc… I dont know. Sometimes I believe that. Other times I just believe we live in a rather random, cold and cruel universe where everyone and everything are left to fend for themselves…

                    Yes, I also thought I’d be done after a few months writing about my story. But the blogging keeps on being a good thing for both me and you it seems. 🙂 And yes you really should come see me in Europe! I only recommend 2 things; 1) to come when I have the possibility to get some time off work. (Otherwise I won’t be much of a good hostess/guide, lol), and 2) I would recommend that rather than coming here to where I live, we should go to Scotland for amazing scenery. Ireland has some nice scenery too, but it is more “spread out” and takes longer to see, in my experience. In Scotland you can see quite a lot in about a week’s time!😊
                    And if you wouldn’t want to drive, we could stay in lovely Edinburgh and just take some day tours with a great small bus tour company that I have used many times. Oh, it would be so wonderful! See, I am planning it in my head already, LOL!


                    • Scotland and Ireland sound wonderful. My ancestry is from Scotland, Ireland and England…on my mamas’ side.
                      I just commented on another place and said
                      “see….I’m thinking about it already!”
                      Do you have any idea how much money I would need to bring?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Scotland and Ireland are both wonderful! For a first-timer traveller, I would choose Scotland simply because it is easier to get around a bit more quickly to some very nice scenery. Easier to get an overview in a shorter time. In Ireland I didnt really fall in love with it the first time, it took a second trip to see more of the countryside before I started to appreciate it. (There is nice scenery there too, but very spread out, over a much larger surface). If I would recommend a first timer to explore these places, it would be 1) Scotland 2) Ireland 3) England. (England is nice enough but does not really have any dramatic/extraordinary scenery like the first 2). I have seen in some travel forums that some Americans think they should do all 3 of these places in one trip, and I always think that is a crazy idea. The mistake there is that in many places in Scotland and Ireland, there aren’t big highways, but instead mostly small/narrow/winding country roads. (So driving anywhere takes twice as long as Americans are used to). Plus, on top of that (especially in Scotland) there are many places where you wanna stop and check out the scenery or some quaint village etc… 🙂

                      In Scotland I would recommend that for a first trip, you have ideally a minimum of 7 days to explore in the country (plus ” flight days” to/from, so 9 days). If possible, only adding an extra few days, is very rewarding aswell. You get to see so much more, and travelling over the Atlantic makes you a bit tired for a day or so, so it is good to have some extra time. When I travelled to Florida, I made the whole trip 16 days. But I would say ideal length would be anywhere between 10 – 14 days. (To not be too jet lagged to enjoy the trip).

                      As for money. Impossible to say without making a budget etc. But it all depends on how fancy you want things to be. Me, I like to stay on “Bed and breakfasts” instead of large fancy hotels. Bed and breakfasts in Scotland are very cozy places. Not “cheap”, but not crazy expensive either, like the fancy hotels… I think Americans who come to Europe for the first time, will likely spend a bit extra, cause they may wish to do some shopping in a new country. 🙂
                      When you know how many days you would want the trip to be, I could do a ” preliminary budget” for ya. 🙂 😸


                    • Ah…Scotland. My main heritage is Scottish, Irish and English. What would be great is if you didn’t have to work and we could just take our time. I have no restraints as far as time. The ONLY problem I have with it is traveling across the pond. I would seriously need drugs and a few glasses of alcohol.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Yes, that would be wonderful, to just travel for as long as one wants, ha ha! I love that idea. But remember, that travelling far from home can actually be a little bit tiring, too. It doesnt seem like it, but it is. There are so many new impressions etc, and you tend to walk around a LOT, exploring, etc. So after a couple of weeks, you can get a bit tired. 🙂 But tired in a good way. Yes, time, I could probably get 10 – 14 days. In 14 days you could see a lot of Scotland. And fall in love with it, maybe. 🙂

                      I understand your fear of crossing the pond. I have done it a few times but it is still frightening. Sedatives help a LOT. But please, do not ever mix pills with alcohol!! Seriously, it can be deadly. I am sure you know that though. With your previous job experience and everything. A nice heavy sedative should make you drowsy and give you that “I dont give a shit” feeling when you take off with the plane, and hopefully make you fall asleep for the better part of the flight… 🙂 You could talk to a doctor about it. But yes it is a lot to consider. I get it. I am terrified of flying, myself! 💜


                    • I know about traveling. The Loser puppet took me to New Orleans (another wonderful experience on an airplane.) It was “get up..go to breakfast…come back and change for lunch…come back and change for dinner.” IT WAS A DRAG! But I think it was a drag because everybody was drinking and eating stuff like those little tiny lobsters you bite the heads off of and suck their innards out. YUK! If it hadn’t been for Beignets…I would have starved to death. That was also where a friend and I bought some things from the men who were robbing a store. We didn’t know they were robbers…we thought they owned the store, even though we wondered why they didn’t seem to know the prices of anything. LOL
                      Yes, I know not to mix drugs with alcohol…I was just joking. Ha.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • If you travelled with me, you wouldn’t be bossed around at all, cause we would plan everything together and you could eat and wear whatever you like. It sounds so horrible the way you described that, like Loser thought YOU were a puppet. 😦 Of course, if we would travel to Scotland, I could give suggestions for itineraries depending on our time/interests. But that is only because I’ve been there 4-5 times now, so I think I know a bit about the highlights/greatest little gems that shouldn’t be missed. 🙂 And oh, I HATE lobsters too, tiny or otherwise, LOL.

                      I love your story about buy ingen from robbers LOL!! 😂 Hugs


                    • Loser was a piece of shit. Buying from robbers was so weird. I bought a solid copper fire hydrant and my friend bought an antique lamp…with some Eduardian lady on it or something. LOL We were down a back alley (exactly where Loser had told me not to go…in the French Quarter) and we could have probably been in some danger….but I think the robbers knew we had both apparently just fallen off the turnip truck. LOL


  3. Thanks for the nomination, Laurel. I have an award-free blog, mostly because I don’t like following the rules. But I really like learning more about other bloggers. You can tie a cherry stem with your tongue? I can touch my nose with my foot.

    8. If you were trapped on an island, what three items would you have?

    Cannabis seeds, solar computer, lighter, and enough bottled water to last for eternity. Then, when I was ready to leave, I would order a helicopter ride from Amazon.

    (I told you I don’t like following the rules.) 🙂


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