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A Short Story – Chapter Seven

Ted finished reading Pattys’ dairy.  If anybody heard him screaming in the middle of the night, they never said a word.

After a seemingly endless night, he decided to once again, seek help from Sister Mary.  When he met with her, the first thing he said was “Sister Mary…I did a horrible….I did a horrible thing.”  Sister Mary took Teds’ hand and asked him if he wanted to tell her.  He said “no but I need to ask for Pattys’ forgiveness.”

Sister Mary said “you must ask for Gods’ forgiveness.”  Ted said “I need to talk to her.  I need to tell her how sorry I am.”  Sister Mary told Ted that would be impossible.  “It’s too late, Teddy.”
He said “if there’s even a thimbleful of hope, I can’t give up.  Please, Sister Mary.  Tell me there’s still hope.”  Sister Mary said “there is no hope, Teddy.  You need to go now.”

As Ted sat with his head in his hands. Sister Mary said “I don’t know what horrible thing you did but we all have our crosses to bear.  Sometimes, our crosses make us stronger but sometimes, they are too heavy.  Ask God to help you carry yours. ”  She handed Ted an envelope and said “this is for you.  Go now.”

Ted walked slowly toward his car, clutching the envelope to his chest.  When he got in, he took out his phone and pulled up his contact list.  There she was.  As his finger hovered over her name, a tear fell and landed on the face of his phone.

He looked at the envelope Sister Mary had given him.  He knew what was in it but he didn’t want to see it.  As he read the contents, the screams from the night before were silent but once again, fighting to get out.  Her whole life had been reduced to but two lines.

Diagnosis:  Complete Psychotic Break
Prognosis for recovery:  None

His finger hovered over her name.  With one swipe, she would be gone forever.  As he looked at it, he knew that there was only one thing to do.

c/o Broken Wing Asylum
Phoenix, Arizona


49 thoughts on “A Short Story – Chapter Seven

  1. One word Ted, karma!!! So sad, yet so believable. The human psyche can only take so much before we break and restructure or we nevr return as before. Stress can bend then break us.
    I imagine this scenario, maybe seven months down the road, in the asylum, an orderly, named Michaal begins work there. He is empathic, compassionate and believes that Patty can return to herself, he makes it his work mission to help heal her and in doing so, falls in love with her and she with him. She is released from. Hospital and and they make a home and life together. Meanwhile, Ted is imprisoned for deadly assault during a drunken bar fight brawl. Press’s delete on him. Press begin on Patty.

    Such a fantastic story, Laurel. Thank you.

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  2. Oh no! This is so sad…. 💔 This story really hits close to home for me! Since I feel I have been so very close to losing my sanity altogether and ending up like poor Patty… due to a man’s evil actions (sometimes I still have that fear left in me). It was a very real thing and a fear based in reality for me.

    Wow this was really powerful! How strange, I really don’t want to give up hope for Patty!! Perhaps some day she will start to recover.. aah, hope just never dies, does it!

    So now I will hope for another story about Patty’s life in the hospital and how we get to follow her road from complete darkness to small signs of life and light returning to her… thanks for sharing this story! It is such a powerful reminder of how much damage one person can inflict on another. Great work. 💜


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